• How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

    You know you need to change your air filters regularly as part of your routine HVAC maintenance requirements, but how often is often enough? “Regular” maintenance is up to interpretation, so you need to know what it means for you. The amount of heating and air conditioner maintenance you should give your appliances depends on quite a few factors, so it’s not the same for everybody. Knowing these factors and changing your air filters in a timely fashion can reduce your risk of HVAC breakdowns and the repairs that would follow. Keep reading to see how often you should change your air filter.

    The basic rule of thumb is that you should change your air filters every 1 to 3 months. However, you also need to consider the conditions of your building or living space. If there are pets around, your air filters might need more frequent changing due to the dander in the air. Air filters also tend to need extra attention if there are a lot of people occupying the same space.

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  • Registering Your Infinity® Touch Control

    Your Infinity® Touch Control programmable thermostat will lower your energy bills and make your home more comfortable. In order to make the most out of it, you’ll need to register your unit. Watch this video for help registering your Infinity® Touch Control.

    You need some info to register your Infinity® Touch Control, so start by touching the wireless icon on your wall control. Here, you can find your serial number, MAC address, and PIN code. Now, head to the website and create an account. Enter these codes as well as some additional information to register your unit.

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  • Ways to Reduce Household Indoor Air Pollution

    The average person spends the majority of each day inside, which means indoor air quality should be a real concern. You can make your house feel refreshing and comfortable by setting your indoor air quality up for success. Try to quit smoking, change the air filters on your HVAC equipment , and properly ventilate your home. Here’s more on these ways to reduce household indoor air pollution.

    Quit Smoking

    Your HVAC equipment can do a good job of purifying indoor air, but you should still help your units out. A good place to start would be to stop smoking, especially if you tend to smoke inside. Quitting smoking eliminates a huge element of indoor air pollution. If you don’t consider quitting smoking to be an option, then you should at least keep your smoking confined to the outdoors. Removing this kind of contaminant will improve your air quality and make life easier for those with asthma and allergies.

    Change Air Filters

    Even the most efficient HVAC appliances will suffer if you don’t maintain them. The air filters in your heater and residential AC trap contaminants like dirt and dust in order to keep them out of the air. This improves your indoor air quality and makes it easier to breathe. When your air filters start to fill up with dust and debris, they’ll force your HVAC equipment to work harder. Some of the contaminants might be pushed through the filters and into your indoor air, so change them regularly to avoid this HVAC problem.

    Ventilate Properly

    Ventilation allows contaminants to make their way out of your home, leaving you with better indoor air. A proper ventilation system can work wonders for your indoor air quality, so open your windows once in a while and talk to your HVAC professional.

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  • How Our Weatherization Services Can Benefit Your Home

    Estes Services can help you with more than just heating and air conditioner repair. We can also provide you with weatherization services that keep your home comfortable and your energy bills low. You get to save money and protect the environment, and you can enjoy an extra layer of separation between you and a pest problem. Read ahead and learn how our weatherization services can benefit your home.

    Stay Comfortable

    At Estes Services, it’s our job to keep you comfortable in your space. In addition to the multitude of HVAC services we offer, we can use a number of procedures to weatherize your home and keep you ready for anything that the elements throw your way. Attic and wall insulation keeps conditioned air inside and exterior air outside, so you can have the utmost control over your indoor environment. We can also set you up with moisture barriers, which can protect you from water damage and mold growth.

    Save Money

    Weatherization makes your home more comfortable all year long, and it also helps you save money. When you have your attic and walls insulated, your HVAC equipment won’t have to work as hard to keep your place comfortable. The cool or warm air that your appliances generate will stay between your walls rather than escaping to the outside, so your residential AC and heater won’t need to work overtime. This translates into savings on your energy bills in addition to a more comfortable living space.

    Keep Pests Out

    On top of keeping you comfortable, saving you money, and protecting HVAC equipment, weatherization can keep pests out by eliminating entry points. Pests can squeeze through small spaces, but sealing these cracks and crevices up will keep conditioned air in and pests out.

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  • Ways You Can Maximize the Efficiency of Your AC System

    HVAC Atlanta

    An efficient air conditioner means lower energy bills and a longer lasting unit, but what can you do to make the most of your residential AC ? Be sure to give your HVAC appliances the maintenance they need, trap conditioned air inside, and make it easy for air to get around the house. Here’s more on the ways you can maximize the efficiency of your AC system.

    Seek Professional Maintenance
    Air conditioner repair and maintenance are important, but don’t worry if you can’t take care of these responsibilities on your own. The HVAC professionals can help you maintain your units, which will extend their lifespans and help you save some money on your energy bills. Choose a reputable HVAC company and set up a service plan to keep your unit in shape.

    Keep Doors and Windows Closed
    Your residential AC uses energy to cool air and circulate it around your house. The more energy it takes to do this, the less efficient your unit is. When conditioned air is allowed to escape, your air conditioner needs to work harder to continuously produce cold air. This drains its efficiency and increases your energy bills. Fortunately, you can keep your conditioned air inside by closing your windows and doors when your residential AC is on. This takes some of the pressure off of your appliance, improving its efficiency.

    Don’t Block Airflow
    If your house has ducts, chances are your residential AC uses them to keep cool air in circulation. If you block the ducts, however, it will be more difficult for the conditioned air to make it to its destination. Keep furniture and other obstacles away from air ducts so that cool air can freely circulate around the house. You’ll notice that your space is more comfortable and your residential AC bills are lower.

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  • Control Cooling Costs with Commercial HVAC Maintenance

    HVAC Atlanta

    Keeping your commercial space cool during the summer is key to keeping your customers and workers comfortable. In order to reduce your cooling costs and improve the efficiency of your air conditioner, you’ll need a little help from maintenance. Continue reading and control cooling costs with commercial HVAC maintenance.

    An energy efficient appliance will get the job done without requiring too much power, and your bank account gets to enjoy the benefits. You can keep your cooling costs low by maintaining your commercial HVAC units. An inefficient air conditioner can demand a great deal of energy, so you should take the necessary steps to keep yours in shape. Regular commercial HVAC maintenance includes checking on the refrigerant and changing the air filters. If you suspect that there’s something wrong, call your HVAC professional. Fixing problems quickly and maintaining your unit will give you a boost in efficiency, which will help you control your cooling costs.

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  • Could You Have a Plumbing Problem? Watch for These Signs

    Plumbing Atlanta

    You need to know when to call your HVAC and plumbing professional, which means you need to know how to recognize the signs of a problem. Drainage issues, leaks, and low water pressure could all point towards an issue with your plumbing system . Read ahead and watch for these signs of a plumbing problem.

    Drainage Issues
    Problems with your drainage typically signify a problem with your plumbing system. Your toilet might suffer from clogs, or the water in your bathtub might take an eternity to fully drain. If these kinds of problems start coming up, have your HVAC and plumbing expert look at your system. Additionally, make sure you’re using your appliances the right way. Some homeowners are unsure of what should and shouldn’t go down the drain, so it helps to know for sure before flushing. Proper use of your HVAC and plumbing appliances may help to alleviate the problem.

    Leaking Water
    Never wait to call your HVAC and plumbing specialist if you notice a leak. Not only do leaks indicate plumbing problems and issues with your appliances, they can ultimately lead to additional problems like water damage and mold growth. Instead of trying to fix a leak yourself, be sure to call your professional to make sure the job is done right.

    Low Pressure
    If your water pressure doesn’t seem to be at the appropriate level, then you might have a problem with your plumbing. This type of issue could relate to the size of your pipes, the hardness of your water, and the presence of clogs in your plumbing system. In some cases, it might be due to a problem with the municipal water. When you notice a lack of water pressure, call your HVAC and plumbing professional to see where the problem lies.

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  • Tips for Preventing Electrical Fires

    The way you use your HVAC appliances has a lot to do with your risk of experiencing an electrical fire. These fires can be deadly, but they’re also avoidable. Watch this video for tips for preventing electrical fires.

    Electrical fires can damage your property and harm your family, but you can prevent them. Only use light bulbs of the appropriate wattage, and keep your electrical cords in a safe place. Refrain from using extension cords with your appliances, and make sure you replace broken cords rather than try to fix them yourself. When you need electrical work done, always work with a licensed professional.

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  • Exploring the Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

    Atlanta HVAC

    Indoor air quality can have a significant effect on your health and the health of your family. Although most people associate pollution with outdoor air, the air indoors is often even more filled with contaminants. How do you know if your HVAC system is spreading polluted air throughout your home? Look for these signs, and call an HVAC specialist if you think poor air quality is a problem in your home.

    Respiratory Issues
    Respiratory problems are usually the first sign of indoor air quality issues. If your indoor air is polluted, you may experience coughing, sneezing, wheezing, congestion, and shortness of breath. These issues are exacerbated in people who have asthma or allergies. If you and your family have frequent respiratory infections or can’t seem to shake a cough or a runny nose, your air quality may be to blame. Pay attention to when your symptoms seem most severe. If they tend to improve when you’re away from home, it is another indicator that your home air quality is the culprit.

    Contaminants in the air can also cause skin irritation and rashes. For people who have a chronic skin condition, like eczema, these symptoms can be even more severe. Consult your doctor about chronic rashes and worsening symptoms of an existing skin condition to see if allergens in the air in your home could be to blame.

    Temperature Inconsistencies
    Even if you aren’t experiencing any physical symptoms of poor air quality, temperature inconsistencies in your home could indicate that your air is polluted. If some of the rooms are warmer or colder than others, or if you have problems with humidity in certain areas of your home, then you could have a problem with airflow in your HVAC system that is affecting your air quality.

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  • Watch Out for These Common Summertime Plumbing Problems

    Atlanta HVAC and Plumbing

    Summer is time for cookouts, swimming, outdoor fun—and plumbing problems. Some plumbing problems are more likely to happen in the summer than during other months, but you don’t have to let your seasonal fun get derailed by a plumbing emergency . Take steps to avoid these common summertime plumbing problems:

    Shower Drain Clogs
    Your shower tends to get extra use during the summer, and some of your favorite summertime activities can contribute to clogs in your drains. Constantly rinsing sand down your drain after the beach or getting into the shower when you’re covered in sunscreen or after-sun aloe can cause build up on your drains that can eventually cause clogs. Avoid this problem by rinsing as much off as you can with your hose outside before your shower, and wait until suntan lotions are fully absorbed before getting in the shower. Keep an eye on your drain and clean out any hair, sand, or other items you see. Using a drain guard can also help.

    Automatic Sprinkler Failures
    Automatic sprinklers are more prone to failure during the summer months because they are in use more often and because increased lawn mowing makes it more likely they will become damaged. When you are mowing, be careful not to cross over any sprinkler heads. Inspect your sprinkler heads periodically, and call your plumber to replace any that appear to be damaged.

    Garbage Disposal Clogs
    Summer cookouts and a house full of kids who are off of school for the summer mean that your garbage disposal gets more use than normal. Unfortunately, some favorite summer foods are also likely to cause garbage disposal clogs. Fruit rinds and seeds, potato peels, and bones should never go down your disposal. You can also reduce the risk of a clog by running water down the disposal for a few minutes before and after each use.

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