• How to Boost Your Indoor Air Quality

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    Aside from keeping your home comfortable throughout the year, regular air conditioner maintenance can also help to keep you and your family healthy. Here are some tips to help improve your home’s indoor air quality through HVAC maintenance.

    Be sure to check your air filter once per month and change it as needed. A clean HVAC filter will not only keep your HVAC system running more efficiently, but will also help to reduce air contaminants like dust that can aggravate allergies and asthma.

    It may seem like running your HVAC system in the “Fan” setting is a great way to save money. However, overusing your HVAC fan, especially during warm, humid months, can actually increase the likelihood of mold growth, which can significantly impact your home’s air quality.

    Don’t let poor indoor air quality affect your family’s comfort and well-being. For help improving your home’s indoor air quality , contact the Atlanta HVAC repair experts at Estes Heating & Air Conditioning by calling (404) 361-6560 today.

  • Why You Should Change Your Furnace Filter

    HVAC Atlanta Most furnace filters only cost a few dollars, but by changing your furnace filter on a regular basis, you can actually improve the efficiency of your entire HVAC system and avoid costly heating and air conditioner repair. You can also keep the air inside of your home cleaner every time you turn your Atlanta HVAC system on.

    Your furnace filter is designed to prevent dirt, dust, and other debris from making it into your HVAC system. However, if you don’t replace it often enough, it won’t be able to block the debris, and the air inside of your home will suffer. Your heating and air conditioning units will also be required to work harder to heat and cool your home, and you may even need to have heating and air conditioner repair done eventually as a result of this. By simply replacing your furnace filter every few months, you can prevent heating and air conditioner problems.

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  • Surprising Information About HVAC Filters

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    HVAC filters vary widely—some need to be replaced, while others only need to be cleaned. No matter what type of filter you have, it needs to be inspected regularly to ensure it is in functioning condition. For more interesting and helpful information about HVAC filters, read this article. And for service for your HVAC in Atlanta , contact Estes Heating & Air Conditioning.

    The Purpose of HVAC Filters
    Many homeowners believe that the purpose of an HVAC filter is to improve indoor air quality. But this is just a positive side effect of the filter doing its primary job, which is to protect the HVAC equipment by filtering out dust and other particles.

    High-Efficiency Filters May Not Be the Best For Your HVAC System
    While expensive filters may be the best filters to clean the air in your home, they may have a number of negative side effects. High-efficiency filters can be so good at filtering particles that they slow the airflow across the heat exchanger. This can decrease the overall efficiency of the unit, increase your energy bills, and damage your furnace by overheating it. High-efficiency filters can also freeze the condensing coils on an air conditioner. A dirty filter can have the same effect on your heater or air conditioning system. Talk to your HVAC specialist about which filters are suitable to your HVAC unit.

    HVAC Filters Do Not Filter As Much as You May Think
    There are a large number of small particles in any room where there is human activity. The only way that your HVAC filter is able to filter these particles is by capturing them through the ductwork or the return registers—which is not even where most of the particles are located. Furthermore, furnaces and air conditioners only filter the air when the fan is running.

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