Watch Out for These Common Summertime Plumbing Problems

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Summer is time for cookouts, swimming, outdoor fun—and plumbing problems. Some plumbing problems are more likely to happen in the summer than during other months, but you don’t have to let your seasonal fun get derailed by a plumbing emergency . Take steps to avoid these common summertime plumbing problems:

Shower Drain Clogs
Your shower tends to get extra use during the summer, and some of your favorite summertime activities can contribute to clogs in your drains. Constantly rinsing sand down your drain after the beach or getting into the shower when you’re covered in sunscreen or after-sun aloe can cause build up on your drains that can eventually cause clogs. Avoid this problem by rinsing as much off as you can with your hose outside before your shower, and wait until suntan lotions are fully absorbed before getting in the shower. Keep an eye on your drain and clean out any hair, sand, or other items you see. Using a drain guard can also help.

Automatic Sprinkler Failures
Automatic sprinklers are more prone to failure during the summer months because they are in use more often and because increased lawn mowing makes it more likely they will become damaged. When you are mowing, be careful not to cross over any sprinkler heads. Inspect your sprinkler heads periodically, and call your plumber to replace any that appear to be damaged.

Garbage Disposal Clogs
Summer cookouts and a house full of kids who are off of school for the summer mean that your garbage disposal gets more use than normal. Unfortunately, some favorite summer foods are also likely to cause garbage disposal clogs. Fruit rinds and seeds, potato peels, and bones should never go down your disposal. You can also reduce the risk of a clog by running water down the disposal for a few minutes before and after each use.

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