• Get to Know Your Choices for Lighting

    Today, many people are taking advantage of energy-efficient lighting options. Traditional incandescent bulbs are no longer manufactured due to their relatively high energy demands. These bulbs give off 90% of the energy that they use as heat, rather than light, and that wasted energy is reflected in your energy bills. Continue reading to learn about what energy-efficient lighting options are available for replacing your incandescent bulbs.

    Halogen Incandescents

    Halogen incandescent bulbs enjoy better energy efficiency because they contain a capsule of gas that surrounds the filament. These bulbs can be used with dimmers and come in a range of colors and shapes. Finally, while these bulbs do meet the federal minimum energy efficiency standard, you have more energy-efficient options to consider.

    Compact Fluorescent Lamps

    You’re probably familiar with the long, cylindrical, fluorescent lights that are common in garages and kitchens, and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are bulb-shaped versions of these lights. CFLs use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, and they often pay themselves off in energy savings within nine months. CFLs are now available in a wide selection of light tones and colors, and some are covered in an encasement that provides more diffuse light. Because these bulbs contain a tiny amount of mercury, it’s important that they be properly recycled.

    Light Emitting Diodes

    More commonly known as LEDs, light emitting diodes are among today’s most quickly-developing and energy-efficient options for lighting. LEDs are semiconductors that create light using electricity and are a type of solid-state lighting. These bulbs last between 8 and 25 times longer than halogen incandescents and require just 25%-30% of the energy. LEDs are available in dimmable varieties and plenty of colors, and they work well for both indoor and outdoor applications. Finally, while LEDs cost more than other bulbs, their energy-efficiency and long lifespan easily make up for this difference in price.

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  • Understanding the Basics of Heating and Cooling

    HVAC Atlanta

    Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve recently taken more of an interest in residential HVAC , it can’t hurt to understand how heating and cooling your home works. Understanding the principles, the way your HVAC units work, and how to maintain your heater and air conditioner can all be quite helpful. Read on for a better understanding of the basics of heating and cooling.

    Basic Principles
    The HVAC equipment that keeps your home or building comfortable relies on a few basic principles of heating and cooling. Heat makes its way into your home through conduction and radiation. When it moves through your walls or roof, it’s doing so via conduction. Radiation occurs when sunlight beams through your windows and heats up the inside of your home. The heat that’s already inside your house continues to warm you through the process of convection, which makes it circulate through your space.

    HVAC Units
    Different kinds of HVAC appliances use different methods to heat and cool your home. Your furnace burns fuel to send hot air throughout your ductwork and heat up your living space. Your residential AC, on the other hand, uses a refrigerant in different states of matter to cool down warm air. Like a furnace, your air conditioner then pushes that conditioned air through the vents so you can cool down on a hot day.

    Your residential AC and heater will need some help in order to continue functioning for as long as possible. Make sure you change the air filters on your air conditioner, furnace, and other HVAC units to keep their efficiency up and maintain your indoor air quality. This will help your home stay comfortable, and you can always talk to your HVAC professionals to set up a maintenance plan.

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  • How to Use the Infinity® Touch Control App

    Modern HVAC technology makes it easy to save money, increase your efficiency, and keep your home comfortable. The best part is that you don’t even have to get out of your seat. Check out this video clip on how to use the Infinity® Touch Control app.

    Once you have downloaded and installed the app, sign into your account and view your activity screen. Then touch that screen to access your user screen, which will offer various menus and customization options. You can view and change different zones if you have a multi-zone system, and you can modify comfort profiles as you see fit.

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  • What Shouldn’t Go Down Your Toilets

    Atlanta Plumbing Your HVAC systems and your plumbing fixtures keep your home comfortable and efficient, but it’s your job to use them properly. If you don’t keep them in shape, they’ll end up causing problems that can be expensive to fix. Keep reading for a quick refresher of what shouldn’t go down your toilets.

    There are only a few types of materials that should go down the toilet, and yet many homeowners treat their plumbing fixtures rather liberally. Thicker materials that don’t break down easily should stay out of the toilet, as they can cause nasty clogs and even backups. If you’re wondering if you should flush something down the toilet and it’s not bodily waste or toilet paper, err on the side of caution. Materials like feminine products and paper towels can be wrapped up and thrown in the garbage so you can spare your toilets and keep your plumbing in top shape.

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