• How You Can Help Your Air Conditioner Run Efficiently

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    While the summer season may be winding down, temperatures throughout the Atlanta area remain high. When outdoor temperatures soar, your residential A/C system will ensure that you and your family members are cool and comfortable at home. To avoid a very high cooling bill at the end of the month, you can take measures to help your air conditioning system run as efficiently as possible. Here are some energy saving tips for residential A/C units.

    Replace the Air Filters
    If you only perform one service for your air conditioner on a monthly basis, you will want to make sure to replace the air filters. Much like the air filter in a car’s engine, the filter in your air conditioner removes nasty particles from your system. When your air conditioner runs continuously throughout the summer, your air filter can clog and reduce the overall efficiency of your system.

    Clean the Condenser Coils
    To improve the efficiency of your air conditioner, you may also want to clean out its exterior condenser. Falling leaves, grass clippings, and other forms of debris can cause nasty clogs in your condenser coils. When you are having trouble improving your air conditioner’s efficiency, you can give it a performance boost by cleaning its condenser coils.

    Schedule Professional Repair
    When you find that your air conditioner is having serious efficiency and performance troubles, you may be in need of professional air conditioning repair. Your HVAC technician will be able to use sophisticated diagnostic tools to get to the bottom of your efficiency issue. Routine air conditioner repairs will also help keep your A/C performing at a high level of efficiency between your service appointments.

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  • Keeping Your AC’s Air Filter Clean

    To keep your HVAC system operating at peak efficiency, you will need to regularly clean or replace your air filter. This video demonstrates the basic steps of changing an air filter in an HVAC system. In order to access the air filter, you will need to take the front panel off of your unit. With the panel removed, you will be able to easily pull the filter out and vacuum away dust, dirt, and debris.

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  • Reasons to Invest in a New AC

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    Air conditioners are an important appliance to have, especially in Atlanta. Whether your air conditioner is a few years old or nearing the end of its life, there are many reasons why it is smart to invest in a new residential AC for your home.

    Greener Technology
    Every year, technology is becoming more efficient and eco-friendly. Manufacturers are using recyclable materials and environmentally friendlier means of making and distributing their air conditioners. Newer air conditioners are also made with a higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER rating. The higher a SEER rating is, then the more energy a household is likely to save. By saving on energy uses, a household can cut down on its energy output and carbon footprint.

    Greater Efficiency
    With a higher SEER rating, your air conditioner replacement will use less energy to cool your house. By using less energy, you will save money on your energy costs and have a more efficient home. Your home will also feel more comfortable because a newer unit will cool the house with even more power.

    More Reliability
    Even an air conditioner unit that is only a few years old can break down or incur expensive repairs. When you notice your unit is in need of repairs or is not cooling as well as it used to, then it is time for an air conditioner replacement. By investing in a new unit, you will have reliable heating and air service that will maintain the cooling standards you desire at the price you want. Many units also come with warranties. If there are issues or repairs within the first couple of years, then you have the warranty to repair or replace the unit.

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  • How to Choose an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

    Homeowners should always be aware of making their home more energy-efficient. That is why many homeowners should be looking for the right kind of air conditioner replacement to help create an energy-efficient home.

    Look for a high SEER rating.
    Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER rating, is one of the most important numbers to look for when choosing an air conditioner replacement that is energy-efficient. The SEER rating is used to communicate the amount of energy that is needed to produce a specific cooling output. Air conditioner replacements are considered energy-efficient if they have a SEER rating higher than 13. Older units can have a SEER rating of less than 6, making them very inefficient units that cost more and cool less.

    Choose the correct BTU number.
    A British thermal unit, or BTU, is the number that indicates an air conditioner’s cooling capacity. The BTU number is relative to the size of the space you are cooling. The higher the BTU number, the more space that unit will cool. One of the best ways to have an energy-efficient air conditioner replacement is to choose the correct BTU amount for your house size. If you have an undersized air conditioner cooling your house, then it will not cool sufficiently, leaving you less comfortable and spending more on energy costs.

  • How Often Should You Schedule HVAC Maintenance?

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    Regular HVAC maintenance is essential to running your system at peak efficiency and avoiding future repairs. You should have your heating and air conditioning service out whenever you suspect a problem, but you should also schedule annual maintenance appointments to clean and inspect your units.

    Heating and air conditioning services all agree that your air conditioner should be inspected at least once a year, just the same as your heating system. Both units should be cleaned and inspected by a professional. Every year that your air conditioner goes without a professional cleaning, it loses up to 5% efficiency. The longer it goes without maintenance, the harder it will work to cool your home and the more you may spend in energy costs and air conditioner repairs.

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