How to Troubleshoot Your Furnace Problems

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Has your furnace stopped working on you? If so, you will likely need to contact an HVAC company right away to get help with it. The last thing you want to do is spend more than a few hours without any heat in your home on a cold night. But before you call an Atlanta HVAC company, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to try and get your furnace back on again. Check them out below.

Make Sure Your Home’s Thermostat Is Turned On and Set to “Heat”
While this might seem like a silly suggestion, you would be surprised by how many people think they have a problem with their HVAC system when, in reality, the problem is with their thermostat. If your children are able to access your thermostat, there’s a chance that they may have tampered with it. There’s also a chance your spouse or roommate may have turned the thermostat off without telling you. Either way, check your thermostat first to make sure it’s not the reason your furnace is off.

Take a Look at Your Furnace Filter
You should replace your furnace filter every two or three months in order to keep it clean. If you don’t, it could cause your furnace to shut down on you as a result of dirt and debris buildup. By maintaining your furnace filter, you can keep your HVAC system on and ensure that the air moving through it is as clean as possible.

Check the Circuit Breaker for Your Furnace
Every once in a while, your home’s furnace may cause its designated circuit breaker to trip. It could be a sign of a larger electrical issue, so you may want to call an electrician if you find that your furnace is causing your circuit breaker to trip often.

If troubleshooting your furnace on your own doesn’t get you anywhere, Estes Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can provide you with heating and air conditioning services. Call (404) 361-6560, and we will send a technician to your home to fix your furnace for you.

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