Caring for Your Air Conditioning During the Winter Season

Air Conditioning Repair Atlanta

Even though you won’t need to use your air conditioning unit during the winter, you should still take care of it so that it’s ready to go once the spring and summer roll around again. Your residential A/C needs to be maintained throughout the year to prevent any potential future problems. Here are some steps you can take to avoid the need for air conditioning repair in Atlanta .

Shut Off the Power to Your Air Conditioning Unit
If you have a thermostat, it might be programmed to go on once your home reaches a certain temperature inside. Your home likely won’t get warm enough to activate your residential A/C in the winter, but it very well could happen on an unseasonably warm day. To prevent air conditioner problems later, shut off the circuit breaker that powers your AC unit. This will stop your unit from turning on during a warm winter day.

Hose Down Your Air Conditioning Unit
Prior to the end of the summer season, you should use a hose to clean off your AC unit completely. Bird droppings, dirt, and other debris can cover your unit over the course of a season. This isn’t a big deal as long as you do what you can to keep it clean. Take a hose and rinse your unit off and then allow for it to air dry once you are done.

Cover Your Air Conditioning Unit and Check the Cover Periodically
Once your air conditioning unit has been cleaned at the end of the season, it’s time for you to place a cover on top of it to protect it . Snow, sleet, and rain can affect your AC unit during the winter if you’re not careful. A cover will prevent air conditioner problems due to the elements and keep your AC unit safe. You should go outside and check to see that the cover is on tight once every week.

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