• Troubleshooting a Heating System

    Any HVAC system, no matter how well it’s built, will need to be serviced and repaired. Fortunately, Estes Heating & Air Conditioning offers reliable heating and air service in Atlanta . To see how to troubleshoot a heating system, watch this video clip.

    Heaters are typically part of an HVAC unit, which should be inspected once per year by a specialist. Some heaters have a pilot light; if this light is off, the gas valve may be switched off. Other units have an electronic igniter instead of a pilot light; these units may be malfunctioning if the maintenance safety switch is turned on. Watch the video for more tips on troubleshooting your heater.

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  • How to Choose the Right Furnace Filter

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    Your HVAC system plays many important roles in your home. Your residential A/C cools your home when temperatures soar while your furnace keeps you cozy during the cold winter months. Your HVAC system also affects your indoor air quality because it utilizes a filtration media to trap dust and keeps it from circulating throughout your house. Therefore, it’s crucial to switch out or thoroughly clean your air filters frequently. This task should happen every one to three months, depending on how often your furnace is running, if you live with pets or smokers, and if you live somewhere with a lot of dust and allergens in the air. Dirty and clogged filters can cause heating systems to breakdown by obstructing the airflow—intake fans work harder to move air through a dirty filter and eventually the fan motors burn out.

    Pay Attention to MERV Ratings
    When shopping for the right air filter for your furnace, pay attention to its MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating , which is an evaluation system developed by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers) to rate the effectiveness of air filters. MERV ratings have a range from 1 to 16—the higher the number, the better the filter is at trapping finer particulate matter such as bacteria, virus, and cigarette smoke. The acceptable range for an average home is MERV 7 to 12.

    Pick the Right Disposable Air Filter
    Most modern heating systems utilize disposable air filters. These pleated filters are made of polyester and can range from MERV 8 to 13. Basic filters trap larger particulate matter like dust and pollen. High-efficiency filters are made with tighter-woven polyesters and materials that carry electromagnetic charges that can attract and trap microscopic things like viruses and bacteria. When buying a disposable air filter, make your decision based on your filtration preferences and your furnace’s capabilities. Some furnaces can’t handle filters with the highest MERV ratings.

    Consider Other Options
    Other air filters are available, such as fiberglass filters and washable ones that are more budget friendly. However, they usually have MERV scores from 1 to 4, which means they’re not very effective.

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  • Investing in a High Efficiency Furnace

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    Eco-consciousness has become the norm these days and homeowners are filling their homes with high-efficiency fixtures and appliances. Not only are energy efficient models very effective at what they do, they can also save you a lot of money on your monthly bills. Older HVAC systems—that is, those that were made before 1992—were energy wasters and polluted the air, and generally could turn less than 75 percent of their fuel into heat.

    Modern high-efficiency furnaces can turn their fuel to heat at percentages ranging from the 80s to the high 90s, so opt for furnaces that have the ENERGY STAR label on it. Though they may be more expensive than standard models to purchase and have installed, the money you save in the long run is well worth the initial cost.

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  • Reasons to Replace Your Plumbing Fixtures

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    You rely on your home’s plumbing to bring water into your house for you to use, and to take wastewater out and into your city’s sewer system. When something goes wrong with one of your plumbing fixtures, it can potentially become a messy problem. There are several good reasons to replace your home’s plumbing fixtures:

    • Your fixtures are old, damaged, or broken.
    • You’re remodeling your house.
    • You want to upgrade to an energy-efficient model.

    Older Plumbing Fixtures Malfunction
    If you live in an older home, your plumbing fixtures may have been installed when your home was built. Over time, toilets and faucets eventually fail, clog, or start leaking. These problems can create other problems such as flooding, water damage, and mold infestation. If your old fixtures have reached the end of their lifespans, hire a professional to switch them out.

    High-Efficiency Fixtures Save Water
    If you have older plumbing fixtures in your home, you should consider upgrading them to energy-efficient ones. Plumbing fixtures that conserve water also conserve energy—i.e. the energy used to heat, treat, and convey water in and out of your home. For example, water-saving toilets have dual-flushing technologies that can separately accommodate the disposal of liquid and solid waste. Composting toilets use little, if any, water. Low-flow showerheads have mechanisms that save water while delivering strong water pressure for enjoyable showering experiences. Ultra-low-flow showerheads reduce the need for large amounts of hot water, which can save you money on your monthly energy bills.

    You May Receive a Rebate by Upgrading Fixtures
    Some municipalities and utility companies may offer homeowners incentives to upgrade their old plumbing fixtures, appliances, and HVAC systems to energy efficient ones. These high-efficiency models tend to be label with the ENERGY STAR logo. Do your research and contact pertinent organizations in your town. Your local plumbing company should be able to suggest the right plumbing fixture to suit your needs.

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  • How to Change a Furnace Filter

    One of the best ways to keep your HVAC system in tiptop shape is to change out your furnace’s disposable air filter. When switching out your air filter, you need to purchase a replacement that is the correct size—dimensions are prominently listed in several areas on the filter itself. Be sure to place your new filter in your HVAC system so that air is flowing through it properly. To learn more about how to change a furnace filter, watch this helpful video.

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