Creating a Maintenance Checklist for Your Air Conditioning

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In order to keep your residential A/C unit running the way it should, you need to maintain it throughout the year. Homeowners can complete some of the steps that should be taken on their own, but others will require air conditioning services in Atlanta. You can avoid costly air conditioning repair in the future by performing the proper maintenance on your air conditioner. Here are some steps you can take to maintain your unit.

Clean the coils inside of your air conditioning unit.
Every residential A/C unit contains evaporator and condenser coils. Over time, these coils can get very dirty and, when they do, your entire air conditioner will need to work harder to deliver cool air to your home. By cleaning these coils, you can help the unit run more efficiently, decrease your home’s energy costs, and ensure that your A/C lasts longer.

Check the level of your central air conditioner’s refrigerant.
The refrigerant inside of your air conditioner is what allows it to deliver cool air to your home. If the refrigerant level is too high or too low, your residential A/C will be less efficient , and you will likely see your energy bills soar.

Adjust your air conditioner’s blower and make sure proper airflow is maintained.
The blower inside your air conditioner is what helps push cool air into your home while getting rid of warm air. However, if your blower is dirty or not working properly, you could be forcing the entire unit to work twice as hard to move air around. This will inevitably lead to problems down the road, which you can avoid by having air conditioning services done on your residential A/C.

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