HVAC Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Atlanta HVAC

Maintaining your Atlanta HVAC appliances is the key to preserving their efficiency throughout long working lives. Just a few simple steps can help you keep your heating and cooling appliances in top shape all year round. Keep reading if you would like to pick up a few helpful HVAC maintenance tips that will keep you comfortable and save you money.

Outdoor Air Conditioning Units
Although you may not interact with it every day, the outdoor component of your air conditioning system is crucial. Make sure that it is set up in a secure location where the ground is level. Although it is okay to install your air conditioner between shrubs or bushes, it is important to check the outdoor unit for leaves, twigs, and branches on a regular basis. The shrubs or bushes should also be at least two feet away from the unit.

Air Filters
One of the simplest aspects of HVAC maintenance is replacing the air filters in your heating and cooling appliances. This should be done roughly once every three months to ensure that your appliances work as efficiently as possible. Air filters are designed to remove dust, debris, and other contaminants from the air so that they do not circulate throughout your home. They must be changed when they reach full saturation in order to prevent straining the heating or cooling appliance. High efficiency filters are now available for those who are especially concerned with their indoor air quality.

Professional Attention
Even the handiest homeowner is probably not as experienced in HVAC maintenance as a professional. Have a heating and air conditioning professional come over and take a look at your appliances before and after the summer. Professional maintenance can help you catch a small problem before it is allowed to develop into a bigger, costlier problem.

If you would like a professional service to help you maintain your HVAC appliances, contact Estes Heating and Air Conditioning . Our air conditioner installation and replacement service is happy to call the Atlanta area home, and we’re even happier to provide the heating and air conditioning services you need to stay comfortable. Feel free to stop by and see us or call (404) 361-6560 if you live in the area.

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