Choosing a New Air Conditioner

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The summer season is on its way, and now is a terrific time to schedule an air conditioner replacement in Atlanta. During the hot months of summer, a new air conditioner installation can make all the difference for your comfort at home. In addition, a company specializing in residential A/C can help you choose a new system that will help you cut back on your energy bills. To highlight the advantages of scheduling air conditioning services, here is a look at some helpful tips for choosing a new air conditioner.

Hire a Qualified Contractor
When you are planning a new air conditioner installation, it is highly important to choose a qualified contractor to perform your services. With proper installation, you can expect your new AC unit to last you for many seasons to come. When you are selecting a contractor, you should be sure to check reviews from others in your local community.

Consider Air Conditioner Sizes
As you are shopping for new air conditioners , it is important to consider the size of your new unit. An air conditioner that is too small will not be able to cool your home effective, whereas a unit that is too large for your home will create a major drain on your energy bills. Finding a properly sized unit is a key component for energy efficiency.

Evaluate SEER Ratings
The efficiency of each air conditioning unit is calculated using SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings. As you are considering which air conditioner will be best for your home, it is a great idea to evaluate SEER ratings. A unit with a high SEER rating will be a terrific choice for your household.

When you are ready for a new air conditioner in Atlanta , be sure to contact Estes Heating & Air Conditioning. Our A/C experts will be thrilled to help you select a brand new unit that is perfectly suited for your cooling needs. Call us at (404) 418-6076 to schedule an appointment today.

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