• Choosing or Upgrading Your Central Air Conditioner

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    If it is finally time to replace your old air conditioner or you are simply shopping for your first one, it is always a good time to choose or upgrade to a new air conditioner. Modern models provide a variety of advantages that older styles do not. Read on for more about choosing or upgrading your central air conditioner.

    While central air conditioners are more efficient than their single-room counterparts, not all central air conditioners are the same . A packaged central air conditioner is comprised of a compressor, evaporator, and condenser contained in the same cabinet. This type of air conditioner connects with supply and return ducts through the exterior wall or roof. The other type of central air conditioner is a split-system air conditioner, in which an indoor cabinet separates the evaporator from the compressor and condenser. The split-system central air conditioner is appropriate for homes that already have a furnace.

    Central air conditioners can help you save money and energy over room air conditioners. If you are considering upgrading to a new central air conditioner, do not be deterred by the price tag; it may pay for itself in reduced energy bills over the long term. Keep in mind that modern models tend to be more efficient than older styles. A higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio indicates that the model will offer a greater amount in energy savings. A modern model may save up to half the amount of energy expended by those made decades ago.

    It is important to choose or upgrade to a central air conditioning unit that is not too large or it will fail to remove humidity. Installing a unit that is not large enough for your space will result in a lack of comfort due to its inability to efficiently cool the area.

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  • Important Tips for Insulating Your Attic

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    Keeping warm during the colder months is important, but it is sometimes expensive as well. Fortunately there are a few things you can do to reduce energy costs while enjoying a comfortable indoor temperature. Here are a few important tips for insulating your attic.

    The purpose of insulating your attic is to make sure that the heat in your house stays in your house and the cold air from outside stays outside. The greatest enemy to this principle is air leaks. Be sure to seal any leaks around your attic windows, pipes, ducts, and chimneys. If you use your attic for storage, you may want to find an alternative storage area; one of the best ways to insulate your attic is to layer the floor with insulating materials. 

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  • Warning Signs of a Broken Air Conditioner

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    In many regions an air conditioner is an essential provider of comfort during the warmer months. This comfort can be compromised if your air conditioning unit begins to malfunction or stops working completely. Here are a few warning signs of a broken air conditioner to watch out for.

    High Energy Bills
    Your air conditioner should be properly cooling your home in an efficient and cost effective manner. If it fails to do so , this may be a warning sign that something has gone wrong. Higher energy bills than usual indicates that your air conditioner is no longer functioning at full capacity. Check your filters and change them if you notice a buildup of dirt and debris. If this does not help, the malfunction may be due to dusty cooling fins. When cooling fins collect debris they may impair the abilities of the condensing coil.

    Insufficient Comfort
    An air conditioner is built to provide comfort. One of the most common ways that people realize that their air conditioners are not working is by noticing a lack of comfort. If you are sitting around in front of the air conditioner on a hot summer day and yet you are still complaining about the heat, it may be time to take a look at your unit. The insufficient comfort may be due to problems with the airflow. If you have not been regularly changing your filter, this may be the problem. Houses with many occupants, including pets, are more prone to this problem.

    Strange Noises
    Are you noticing strange noises coming from your air conditioning unit? If you hear buzzing or rattling, you may simply have a loose screw. On the other hand, however, the same sounds may indicate a damaged blower motor or a bent fan blade. You will either need to tighten the screw or buy a new part.

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  • Locating Air Leaks in Your Home

    Sealing up air leaks in your home can prevent inside air from getting out and outside air from getting in. This will reflect on the comfort in your home and the cost of your energy bills. Watch this video for help in locating air leaks in your home.

    Some places tend to be more prone to air leaks than others. Windows and door frames are prime targets for air leaks, and they can typically be sealed with caulk; remember to seal both the inside and the outside of these areas. You may also notice air leaks where your chimney meets the foundation of the house or the roof. Use expanding foam sealant for these areas if the gaps are greater than one quarter inch.

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  • Troubleshooting a Central Air Conditioner

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    If you are looking for a quote for professional air conditioner repair, it is easier to communicate with your repair person if you understand what is wrong with the unit. This is why it helps to know which issues correlate to which symptoms. Read on for help in troubleshooting a central air conditioner.

    Air Is Not Cool
    The primary purpose of an air conditioner is to cool your air, and if it is not doing so, there may be several reasons. Your thermostat may be set at too high of a temperature, so your first action should be to lower the temperature by at least 5 degrees. Additionally, your condenser or evaporator may be dirty or blocked; try cleaning these components . If you have a malfunctioning compressor or you are lacking in refrigerant, call a professional air conditioning repair service.

    Malfunctioning Condenser
    Your condenser unit may appear to be repeatedly restarting itself. If this is the case, thorough cleaning may be enough to fix the issue. Clean the coil and fins of your condenser and remove any obstructions including grass, vines, or weeds. Once the condenser has been cleaned, move on to the evaporator. If cleaning these components does not help, request professional assistance.

    Cooling Is Uneven or Insufficient
    If your air conditioning unit fails to heat your home evenly, there may be a problem with its distribution system. In this case, you should call an HVAC professional to balance the system. If your air conditioning unit simply does not heat your space sufficiently, it may not be big enough for the desired space; you may want to purchase a larger system. However, this may have to do with your thermostat or evaporator. Turn down your thermostat by at least 5 degrees and clean your evaporator thoroughly before you decide to upgrade to a bigger system.

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