Preparing Your Air Conditioner for the Summer Season

Is your air conditioner ready for another hot, sticky Atlanta summer? Many homeowners have discovered that some basic residential A/C service before summer can decrease utility bills and increase indoor comfort. Below you will find some ways you can prepare your air conditioner for the summer heat.

Air Condioner Repairman Thumbsup

Change the Filter
The  air conditioner filter  should be changed before cooling season begins, and inspected once per month after that. A clogged filter will slow the airflow through the A/C unit, which decreases the efficiency of the unit and increases the chances of the cooling oil icing up, which can cause your air conditioner to fail. If you experience allergy symptoms in Atlanta, buy an air conditioner filter that reduces allergens.

Inspect the Condensate-Removal System
Condensation forms when warm air passes over the cooling coil. Most of this moisture will go into a drain fed by gravity or a pump, or a pan below the blower unit. In many cases, this moisture will evaporate. But if the pump or drain is malfunctioning, the air conditioner may begin to leak and cause mold growth.

Clear Nearby Debris
The exterior condenser of your air conditioner needs unobstructed access to air to function properly. There should be at least 2 feet of clear space surrounding the unit, so before heating season clear nearby shrubs, wood piles, and tree branches. Clean the condenser fan with a garden hose to get rid of the debris, pollen, and leaves that were sucked into the unit last summer.

Check the Ductwork
Ensure that rugs and other furnishings are not obstructing airflow to and from your A/C unit’s vents and ducts. If there is mold growth inside the ductwork, your air conditioning service company will recommend a thorough cleaning service.

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