• Recognizing the Signs of Indoor Air Pollution

    From Atlanta to Beijing, individuals and interest groups express concern about the quality of the air they breathe. While the quality of the air that you breathe when you are out and about in your city has an impact on your health, so too does the quality of the air in your home. Since indoor air is something you can control, you should familiarize yourself with the most common signs of poor indoor air quality so that you can prevent indoor air pollution in your home.

    Heaps of Dust
    Dust and debris can irritate your eyes and respiratory system, and exacerbate allergies and breathing disorders. Dust your home frequently, change your furnace and air conditioner filters regularly, and have your air ducts cleaned every few years to eliminate dusts, molds, and fungi that have accumulated in the interim.

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    Unusually High Indoor Humidity Levels
    Excessive humidity fuels the growth of mold spores and promotes mildew, which are common causes of indoor air pollution. If your home is exceptionally humid, consider having a dehumidification system installed.

    Funny Smells
    While notoriously dangerous toxic gases such as carbon monoxide (CO) have no smell, mildew and sewer gas do. If new and unpleasant smells arise in your home, hire an air conditioning and plumbing professional to determine the source and rectify the problem.

    Toxic Gas Detection Alerts
    Radon and CO monitors  can alert you to dangerous levels of these gases in your home. Since prolonged and intensive exposure to radon can cause lung cancer and CO poisoning can be deadly, it is wise to install radon and CO detectors in your home.

    Unexplained Health Concerns
    Headaches, dizziness, and nausea are symptoms associated with early-stage CO poisoning, exposure to mold, and other health hazards associated with indoor air pollution. Take these health concerns seriously by having your home inspected by an air quality expert and seeking medical attention if necessary.

    Estes Heating and Air Conditioning  has been in operation for 65 years. Throughout our history, the health, comfort, and satisfaction of our customers has been our driving force. If you have not had your Atlanta-area home’s ductwork cleaned for several years or you are concerned that your heating or cooling system is polluting the air inside your home, call (404) 361-6560 to schedule a service appointment.

  • Exploring Your Heating System Options

    Atlanta does not have a reputation for being a particular cold place, but this last winter was a reminder to the nation that we too deal with snow and ice. If your Georgia home’s heat source exhibited a lackluster performance this past winter, you should make a priority of replacing it well before next winter rolls along. The various heating system types from which you will be able to choose include:

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    Traditional Furnace
    Furnaces have been used to heat homes for more than a century. They heat homes by first drawing air into a chamber that is heated by a gas-powered flame and then blowing that air out via metal air ducts that run through the walls of the home.

    Electric Resistance Heating
    Favored during the post war construction boom of the mid-century, electric resistance heating systems operate on the physics principle that hot air rises. Also referred to as baseboard heating, the heating element in this type of system is a baseboard unit that heats cooler air found in the lower part of the room that then rises up to the top of the room after it is heated.

    Heat Pump Technology
    An eco-friendly method of heating a home,  heat pump technology  utilizes existing heat rather than creating heat using fuel. Using one of three different technologies, heat pumps move existing heat from outside or underneath your home to the rooms you wish to heat.

    Radiant Heating
    Based on a system that was largely popular at the same time as electric resistance heating, radiant heating is today hailed as the latest and greatest home heating technology by many. Using electric cables or small tubes of hot water, radiant heating warms the surfaces around it. Radiant floor heating is the most common type of radiating heating, and is often installed as a complement to a separate central heating system.

    Proud of the scope and range of our air conditioner and  furnace repair and replacement services , Estes Heating and Air Conditioning installs and maintains all of the heating system types discussed in this article. To learn more about your heating system options or schedule an air conditioner repair or replacement service appointment for your Atlanta-area home, call (404) 361-6560.

  • Understanding How Dehumidifiers Work

    For reasons dictated by health and comfort, many homeowners seek to reduce the level of humidity in their homes for at least part of the year. If you use a dehumidifier or are considering having one installed in your Atlanta area home, watch this brief video for a breakdown of how this appliance works.

    In this informational video clip, an industry professional breaks down the typical dehumidifier by examining each of its parts. He then explains how the system works to eliminate excess moisture and accompanying foul smells from the air.

    If you live in the Atlanta area and would like to have a whole-house dehumidification system installed in your home,  Estes Heating and Air Conditioning  can help. Learn more about the dehumidifiers we prefer and our highly regarded installation services by calling (404) 361-6560.

  • Behind Estes’ Partnership with Skyline Pest Solutions

    Founded on a mission to reach the “New Horizon of Service,” Skyline Pest Solutions was a natural partner for Estes Cooling and Heating. In its ten years of existence, the company has proven itself highly capable, efficient, and trustworthy. The company’s performance and customer satisfaction ratings, coupled with deep roots that extend beyond business, have encouraged us to enter into a partnership with Skyline Pest Solutions.


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