• Home Energy Analysis: Maximize Your Energy Savings [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Have you noticed that your energy bills are higher than normal recently? Are you looking for ways to prepare your home and HVAC system for the cooler months ahead? If so, have a home energy analysis performed by Atlanta’s heating and air conditioning experts at Estes Services. A home energy analysis examines every system in your home to ensure that your equipment is running at peak efficiency. Your analyst will use sophisticated tests to determine if there are areas in your home that are inefficient (such as drafty windows and doors) and to inspect the condition of your heating, air conditioning, and plumbing equipment. Check out this infographic to understand more about how a home energy analysis can save you money on your monthly energy bills. Please share with your friends and family to help Atlanta go green. 


  • Warning Signs You Need a New Furnace

    The best time to replace your new furnace is before it breaks down, not after. Fortunately, there are many warning signs that indicate it’s time to replace your furnace. In the following article we will explain which warning signs tell you it’s time to replace your furnace, and how you can get a quality furnace for a great price.

    Repair Technician Removing Furnace Service Panel

    Your Furnace is More Than 20 Years Old
    Today, furnaces usually last between 16 to 20 years. If your furnace is approaching 20 years of age, replacing it now could save you from having to deal with a broken furnace later on. If your furnace has a pilot light, it means the unit is probably more than 25 years old.

    Your Furnace is Becoming Less Efficient
    How much have your gas and electric bills been lately? If they are higher than usual, it may be because your furnace is becoming less efficient. Instead of paying higher bills each month, consider using that money to buy a new and more efficient furnace.

    Your Furnace Has Needed More Repairs Recently
    As furnaces age, they become more expensive to maintain and repair. If you spend hundreds of dollars to keep your furnace running, or frequently wait for replacement parts to arrive, a new furnace would be an excellent investment.

    Your Furnace is Making Unusual Noises                  
    Noises such as squealing, clapping, and popping indicate that a furnace is old and needs to be replaced. If your furnace turns on and off frequently, this is also a surefire sign that it’s  time to get a new furnace .

    Your Furnace is Not Effective
    Are you quite oftentimes too cold in your home, and then too hot? Does your house feel stuffy, dusty, or dry? Replacing your furnace will ensure that you feel more comfortable inside your home.

    If you need to replace your furnace, call Estes Heating and Cooling Services today at (678) 733-9791. Our  HVAC company  has more than 60 years of experience serving the Atlanta area. Visit us online to learn more about the furnace and air conditioning products and services we offer. 

  • How a Home Energy Audit Can Help You Save Money

    Unless your home is 100% energy efficient, you could be throwing away hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year on energy costs. While it is hard to reach absolute energy efficiency, a home energy audit can help you identify areas of improvement. And while it can sometimes be expensive to make the upgrades or replacements necessary to improve your home’s energy efficiency, the cost savings alone justify the investment, as the upgrades will pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

    This video examines how an energy audit program helps save money, improve energy efficiency, and reduce your carbon footprint. If you are interested in finding out how energy efficient your home is, contact Estes Heating & Air Conditioning of Atlanta . Our energy specialists can help you identify areas in your home that are wasting energy and costing you money. Contact us online to schedule a home energy audit, or call us at (678) 733-9791 to learn more about our residential services.