• Watch: The Importance of Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned

    Cleaning the air ducts used by your home’s HVAC system is important for your health, energy bills, and risk of starting a household fire. To learn more about why you should clean your home’s air vents, watch this video clip.

    Over the years, pet dander, dead skin cells, pollen, and allergens collect in your home’s air ducts. Cleaning the air ducts will open up the flow of air for your HVAC system, which reduces energy consumption as well as asthma and seasonal allergy symptoms. Watch the video for more information about the importance of cleaning your air ducts and dryer vents.

    To have your air ducts cleaned out by HVAC professionals , call Estes Services Atlanta at (678) 733-9791. We have been cleaning ducts and offering other important residential and commercial HVAC services for sixty-four years. Please visit our website for more information.

  • Estes Review – “knowledgeable and affable ” – Estes Heating & Air Conditioning


    Mike came by this week for my spring inspection and I couldn’t ask for a more knowledgeable and affable person for the job.  With fewer than 60 days to his retirement, I’m sure Estes is going to miss him tremendously.  I look forward to the fall when I will meet the person that will be taking over his job.  They will have some impressive shoes to fill.

    Thanks for the great service, Mike!


    Mimi Shinsky

  • Tax Credits Available for Going Green

    An Energy Star certified  HVAC unit or water heater will guarantee lower monthly energy bills. Some Energy Star units even qualify for a tax credit. Read on to learn more about how you can get a tax credit for going green with an eco-friendly HVAC unit, water heater, or insulation product.

    green energy

    Water Heater

    The energy required to run a water heater can account for up to 25% of the energy consumed inside your home. If you purchase a gas, oil, or propane water heater with an Energy Factor greater than or equal to 0.82 or a thermal efficiency of 90% or more, you may be eligible for a $300 tax credit. If you buy an electric heat pump water heater with an Energy Factor greater than or equal to 2.0, you may also be eligible for a $300 tax credit.

    HVAC Unit

    As long as you are buying an HVAC unit for your existing home and your principal residence, you may qualify for a tax credit. Advanced main air recirculating fans, air source heat pumps, central air conditioners, hot water boilers, and furnaces qualify for a tax credit between $50 and $300, provided they meet the Energy Star energy efficiency requirements listed online.


    If you want to add insulation to your home in order to improve its efficiency, provided it is an existing home and your primary residence, then you can get a tax credit of 10% of the cost up to $500, not including installation costs. Qualifying products include weather stripping, house wrap, caulk, and spray foam.

    To learn more about the tax credits that you can earn on a new residential HVAC system, call Estes Services Atlanta at (678) 733-9791. We’ve been the industry experts in Atlanta since 1949. Visit our website to learn more about our eco-friendly products. 

  • Estes Heating & Air Customer Testimonial – “We will for sure be calling Estes for all of our needs” – Estes Heating & Air Conditioning

    Thank you stamp

    “Harmon was amazing. He was very trustworthy and made me feel comfortable with my elderly mother there knowing he would not rip her off and actually cared. Lee gave us a magnet and we will for sure be calling Estes for all our needs from now on.”

    –       Lori Wrinkler


  • Your 101 Guide to Different HVAC Filters

    Are your springtime allergies kicking in? The solution to your sneezing and itchy eyes may not be medication—it might be as simple as changing or upgrading your HVAC system’s air filter. Choose from one of the four levels of protection offered by these different filters.

    Furnace Air Filter

    Fiberglass Filters

    The most basic variety of HVAC filter, fiberglass filters are primarily designed to block large dust particles. While they help to slow down HVAC inefficiencies from setting in, they provide minimal protection. However, they’re also the cheapest HVAC filter available, making them the most popular.

    Pleated Paper Filters

    Pleated filters provided greater protection because they have greater surface area. The folds of a pleated paper filter can trap up to 45% of the dust, allergens, and other particles in the air. According to the American Lung Association , high-efficiency pleated filter models do a better job of trapping the particles that cause asthma and allergies than standard models. Pleated paper filters can last slightly longer than fiberglass filters but can restrict airflow if they get clogged.

    Media Filters

    Thicker media filters are typically designed for use directly in your furnace or air handler. Like pleated paper filters, media filters are texturized for maximum protection from dust or allergens. These filters are usually around four inches thick, which means that they only need to be replaced two or three times every year.

    Electronic Filters

    If you’re looking for the most modern solution to poor indoor air quality, an electronic filtration system is your best option. These systems are installed in your HVAC and capture dust, allergens, and other particles as they float by using an electrostatic force. These filters can be cleaned and reused, making it easy to keep your HVAC system clean and efficient throughout the year.

    If you’re ready to improve the air quality inside your home, contact Estes Services today for prompt, professional HVAC repair and maintenance services in the Atlanta area. We specialize in residential and commercial HVAC services designed to keep you healthy and comfortable all year long. Call (678) 733-9791 to learn more. 

  • Estes Employment Opportunity: Customer Service Representative

    Help Wanted Sign

    Estes Heating & Air Conditioning is now hiring a CSR (Customer Service Representative) to answer phones in our call center! Estes is constantly seeking to improve and add to our growing work force. Our company attracts and hires some of the best talent available by offering one of the best benefit packages of any heating and air contractor in Atlanta. The company also offers a great working environment – that’s why Estes was named the Best Contractor to Work For in the Southeast by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration News magazine. General benefits include,

    • Medical, dental and vision insurance, life insurance
    • Short and long term disability insurance
    • Uniforms
    • Paid vacation and holidays
    • 401-k plan
    • Personal days off
    • Performance bonus program
    • Training opportunities
    • Year round work – no layoffs
    • Safety incentives
    • Competitive pay plan …… and more!

    To schedule an interview, fax our Human Resource Manager, Michelle Smith at 404-362-6969, or send resume to Estes Heating and Air Conditioning, P.O. Box 16548, Atlanta, GA 30321, ATTN: Michelle Smith. 

  • 3 Reasons to Choose Estes Services as Your HVAC Repair Company

    Summer is just around the corner, which means your air conditioner is going to be running at full power very shortly. But before you switch it to “Cool” for good, make sure that you have it prepped and repaired by a local HVAC repair service. Estes Services has provided Atlanta area homes and businesses with the very best A/C repair, replacement, and maintenance services for decades. Here’s what sets us apart from the competition: 

    Estes Heating and Air

    Six Decades of Trust

    The heating and air conditioning industry is fiercely competitive, and very few companies can tough it out for long periods of time. Estes Services is one of those few companies that have continuously provided high quality heating and air conditioning services, having served Atlanta area homes and businesses for over 60 years. Our customers have known and trusted Estes Services for years, which is why we have a clean record with the BBB, a customer base of over 250,000, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

    Award-Winning Service

    Our customers aren’t the only ones who think we provide great heating and A/C repair and maintenance services—Estes Services has been the recipient of numerous awards and titles from various organizations including the Air Conditioning Contractors of America , Kudzu, and Contracting Business Magazine. We’re also highly recognized by the biggest and best heating and air conditioning manufacturers, including Amana, Carrier, and Frigidaire.

    Comprehensive HVAC Service

    Finally, Estes Services provides a comprehensive range of home and commercial HVAC maintenance and repair, leaving no stone unturned to give you the comfort you need. Duct cleaning, pre-season maintenance, energy efficiency inspections, plumbing repairs, insulation services, and more are offered year-round to all of our customers. Don’t waste time hiring more than one company for your residential and commercial comfort needs—trust the professionals at Estes Services instead.

    To learn more about what makes Estes Services the #1 HVAC repair service in Atlanta , call us today at (678) 733-9791. Ask about routine and pre-season maintenance programs to get your A/C running before the summer.