• Clark Howard Answers the Question: Do Energy Efficient Home Upgrades Pay Off?

    As energy prices have continued to rise, homeowners across the country have increasingly looked to energy efficient home upgrades to help decrease utility costs. In this video, Clark Howard answers the question on everyone’s mind—do energy efficient home upgrades really pay off?

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    Energy efficient upgrades include things like new insulation, solar panels, and door and window sealing. According to Clark Howard, not only do these upgrades pay for themselves over time, but they actually command a premium if you ever decide to sell your home.

    Making the investment in energy efficient upgrades will result in an immediate decrease in your energy consumption. Eventually, upgrades like solar panels and improved insulation pay for themselves completely. To learn more about the benefits of energy efficient upgrades, call Estes Heating & Air Conditioning of Atlanta at (678) 733-9791.

  • Is Your Home a Good Candidate for a Heat Pump?

    In recent years, heat pumps have emerged as an energy-efficient alternative to conventional HVAC systems . This is especially true for places like Atlanta, where heating and cooling needs tend to be relatively moderate. Here is some information that will help you determine if your home is a good candidate for a heat pump.

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    How a Heat Pump Works
    Conventional HVAC systems heat and cool your home by producing hot or cold air when necessary. While these systems are certainly effective, they consume large amounts of energy to keep your home comfortable. Heat pumps, on the other hand, work by moving heat from one place to another. For example, during the winter months, a heat pump will take heat from the air outside and move it into your home. During the summer, on the other hand, the heat pump will remove heat from your home and expel it outside.

    The Benefits a Heat Pump Can Add to Your Home
    The most compelling benefit of using a heat pump is simply that it consumes much less energy than conventional HVAC systems. This means that you end up paying less for energy month to month. Heat pumps also have the added advantage of not requiring ducts. If you want to install a conventional HVAC system and your home does not have ducts, you will have to pay for expensive duct installation. If you are a resident of the Atlanta area who wants an energy efficient heating and cooling option, consider a heat pump for your home.

    Heat pumps can be used virtually anywhere, but they are particularly effective in places with mild climates, such as Georgia and other Southern states. If you want to learn more about the benefits that a heat pump can bring to your home, call Estes Heating & Air Conditioning of Atlanta at (678) 733-9791. We are a family owned heating and cooling business that has been serving the Atlanta area since 1949.

  • For More About the Carrier Wi-Fi Thermostat, Visit These Sites

    Learn about the benefits of the Infinity Touch from Carrier by exploring the pages below.


    You can learn everything there is to know about using the Infinity Touch when you contact Estes Heating & Air Conditioning of Atlanta at (678) 733-9791.

  • An Overview of the Infinity Touch

    Carrier is one of the most well-known residential A/C brands on the market, with a history going back more than 100 years and a founder involved in the invention of air conditioning itself. Carrier proudly continues this tradition today with the Infinity Touch Control. Part of the Infinity Series, this unique control system is more than just a programmable thermostat. It can enable homeowners to enjoy home automation, the ultimate in comfort, and take control of their energy usage.

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    • It’s more than a thermostat. The Infinity Touch is a whole-home control solution. Its easy-to-use interface enables you to make adjustments to temperature, humidity, and ventilation when integrated with a capable and energy-efficient Carrier system.
    • Versatile control is at your fingertips. The touchscreen interface is intuitive and attractive. With important information on display and programming prompts to help with initial and continuing setup, the Infinity Touch is the perfect addition to today’s modern homes.
    • The Infinity Touch integrates seamlessly with Infinity Series products. While the Infinity Touch can control many brands of variable-speed furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps, it truly shines when paired with a Carrier product from the Infinity Series. This allows homeowners to enjoy greater energy efficiency and precision control of their indoor climate.
    • Control has never been easier. One of the key features of the Infinity Touch Control is that it can be accessed remotely . Using apps for your iPad or iPhone, you can control the unit from anywhere in your house or even far away from home, enabling you to save even more energy and maximize your comfort.

    Estes Heating & Air Conditioning of Atlanta proudly carries the Infinity Touch System as well as other excellent Carrier products. Visit us online to learn more, or call us at (678) 733-9791 today.