• Let Estes Heating & Air Conditioning Take Care of All Your Interrelated Home or Building Systems

    Your building should be viewed as a holistic system—your heating and air conditioning , plumbing, electrical systems, and air quality are all interrelated. A problem in any one of these areas can affect another and negatively impact the comfort level in your home or business.

    This video makes a persuasive case that an issue in any one of these areas may lead to a whole-building problem. Take a look at this clip and you may decide that the best approach is to have all of these areas handled by just one professional company that is knowledgeable about the interrelated systems contained within your home or office.

    Estes Heating & Air Conditioning provides efficient, cost-effective service in all of these repair areas. We have been serving residential and commercial customers in the Atlanta area since 1949. If you have a problem we are ready to help. Call us at (678) 733-9791 or schedule service online.

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    The 36 months equal monthly payments are funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Any system or replacement qualifies, excludes service repairs. The funds for this Grant are limited so the offer is only valid while there are funds available. Right now there is $180,000 available to customers’ interest free for 36 months.  

    Don’t miss this great opportunity to replace your aging equipment interest free over 36 months in this down economy. 

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  • Don’t Fall Victim to this Air Conditioning Scam

    Recently, a scam unfolded that cynically took advantage of the record-breaking heat wave that has afflicted Atlanta-area residents and other parts of the country. Folks received a call that offered a $1,000 federal subsidy to offset their air conditioning bill. All the recipient need do to receive these air conditioning savings was provide the caller with their Social Security number and other pieces of personal information. The problem is that no such governmental program exists.

    Scam Computer Keys Showing Swindles And Fraud

    Reduce Home Heating Naturally
    There are many easy ways to keep your home cooler and save energy. Keep your home’s windows and doors tightly shut during the day and, whenever possible, open them at night to ventilate. Since the sun naturally follows an East-to-West path, make sure to keep the blinds facing those directions closed to prevent direct sunlight from warming your home. Don’t add to your home’s internal heating issues. To prevent heat build-up, cook outdoors whenever possible and use appliances such as irons, washers, and dryers at night or early morning.

    Maximize Your Air Conditioning System’s Efficiency
    Schedule a professional air conditioning system inspection each year to ensure that it is running optimally. Your air conditioning professionals will ensure that your filters are clean and that dirt is not clogging your system. They can also ensure that the refrigerant circulating within your air conditioning system is adjusted properly.

    Supplement Your Air Conditioning System
    Your air conditioning professional can help you install and set a programmable thermostat if you don’t already have one. These units can deliver significant cost savings while keeping you and your family comfortable. Also, consider adding shade around your air conditioning system’s external condenser unit. The shade will help the unit cool your home’s air more efficiently.

    Don’t be fooled by empty claims. Estes Heating & Air Conditioning offers many proven ways to help you save on your home heating and cooling costs . Call us at (678) 733-9791 or visit our website to learn how we can truly keep you cool and save you money.

  • Check Out These Resources for More Home Weatherization and Air Conditioner Maintenance Information

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    If you found our recent blog posts interesting, please explore the information provided below. These links contain useful information about air conditioner maintenance that could help you save money on your energy bills. To inquire about our repair services, call Estes Heating & Air Conditioning at (678) 733-9791.

    • Learn more about the importance of insulation by reading this article from Live Strong.
    • Check out this page from Realtor.com to learn about basic A/C maintenance .
    • For more information about the link between insulation and energy savings , read this page from Energy Star.
    • To learn tips on how to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner , read this article from National Geographic.

  • What do You Think of Our New Billboard?

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  • Why Proper Weatherization is Crucial to Getting the Most Out of High-Efficiency Heating and Cooling Equipment

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    If you’re not careful, heating and cooling costs can really burn a hole in your wallet. This is especially true during the summer and winter, when your air conditioner and heater system has to work particularly hard to keep your home comfortable. However, most homeowners don’t realize just how much of the energy they consume is going to waste. While much of the waste is simply due to inefficient air conditioning systems, there are plenty of other factors that also affect heating and cooling efficiency. Here are some reasons why proper weatherization is crucial to getting the most out of high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment.

    Preventing Leaks
    Regardless of how high-tech your heating and cooling system is, you will only reap the benefits if your home is properly insulated. During the summer, a properly insulated home helps trap the cold air released by your air conditioner. In addition, it prevents hot air from outside your home from entering. In other words, having your home properly insulated helps you get the most of your air conditioning system. If cold air is constantly escaping your home through cracks in your insulation, then you will end up having to work your air conditioner much harder to achieve the same result.  The increased stress on your system leads to a higher chance of malfunction and an increase in energy consumption.

    Improving Duct Structure
    Your ducts are basically the arteries of your air conditioning system. During the hot summer months, the ducts are what transport the air from the air conditioning unit to each of your home’s rooms. Most conventional air conditioner installers operate as if the quality of the air conditioner is the only thing that matters. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. If your duct system is not efficient and leak-free, then you will never enjoy the benefits of a high-efficiency HVAC system.

    If you want to save money and keep your home comfortable, make sure you take a complete approach when it comes to air conditioning. To learn more about how to get the most out of your high-efficiency air conditioner, call Estes Heating & Air Conditioning at (678) 733-9791.

  • Tips for Using Your Programmable Thermostat

    Even if you have the most efficient air conditioner on the market, you may still be wasting energy. For instance, think about all of the energy you spend heating or cooling rooms that no one in your home uses.

    In this video, you will learn about how to use your programmable thermostat . A programmable thermostat can help you save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help you save money on your energy bills. When choosing a programmable thermostat, it is imperative to think about your family’s schedule and needs. Only then will you be able to program the thermostat in a way that saves the maximum amount of energy. Once you’ve installed your thermostat away from any vents, you can program the thermostat so that your home’s temperature adjusts throughout the day.

    To learn more about how a programmable thermostat can help you save money, call Estes Heating & Air Conditioning at (678) 733-9791.