• Surefire Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs a Checkup from a Pro

    There are few things worse than losing the services of your air conditioner during the summer. Unfortunately, this is all too common. Instead of having their air conditioning units regularly maintained by a professional technician, most homeowners ignore early signs and instead wait until it’s too late. In addition to having to endure up to several days of no air conditioning, these repairs also tend to cost more. Here are some surefire signs your air conditioner needs a checkup from a pro.

    AC on house backyard

    • No Cold Air

    If you find that your air conditioner has stopped producing cold air , then you need to have your unit checked out by a pro as soon as possible. One of the most common issues that can lead to a lack of cold air is a refrigerant leak. Left unattended, however, leaking refrigerant can cause serious problems for your air conditioning unit and even pose a health risk to you and your family.

    • Unusually High Energy Bills

    During the summer and winter, every family ends up paying more on keeping their homes comfortable. However, if you notice that your energy costs have suddenly shot up, there might be a problem with your air conditioner and heating system. Over time, air conditioners lose their efficiency. This usually requires homeowners to work old units harder to reach the desired temperature. The extra stress on your HVAC system can also increase the chance of serious malfunctions. If your energy bills shoot up suddenly, it may be a sign that your unit is in need of immediate repair or replacement.

    Instead of paying for expensive repairs and going days without air conditioning, make sure that you have a professional regularly inspect your air conditioning unit. In addition to helping you keep your home comfortable, regular maintenance will also save you money by ensuring that your air conditioner always works at maximum efficiency. To learn more about air conditioner maintenance, call Estes Heating & Air Conditioning at (678) 733-9791.

  • Dealing with an Inefficient Air Conditioner or Water Heater? Visit These Links!

    Tankless water heater

    Take a look at these pages for more information on the problems that can affect an older air conditioner and the benefits of using a tankless water heater in your home. Contact Estes Heating & Air Conditioning at (678) 733-9791 to learn more about how tankless water heaters can change how you enjoy hot water at home and how to repair or replace your existing air conditioner.

  • Are You Thankful for Your AC on Hot Summer Days? [INFOGRAPHIC]

    It is summer in Atlanta – time to turn up your air conditioning and hide indoors from the heat and humidity. Grab a cold beverage and check out this air conditioning infographic full of interesting facts about your AC unit and the history of cooling in America. For instance: Did you know that naval engineers built an elementary air conditioner for President James Garfield using cloths, a fan, and massive quantities of ice?

    We hope you think this infographic is “cool,” and please feel free to share it with a friend!


  • Could You Benefit from a Tankless Water Heater?

    Residential Condensing Hybrid Tankless Water Heater

    Tankless water heaters are becoming more popular among homeowners because of their many advantages over traditional models. You may be wondering if a tankless system is right for your home. If you experience any of the following situations, call your HVAC company and ask about having a tankless water heater installed.

    • You run out of hot water too soon. Storage tank water heaters hold a finite amount of water, and when they refill themselves with cold water it takes time to reheat it. If you’re constantly running out of hot water during everyday activities such as showering, it may be time to choose a tankless water heater. When correctly sized, they can meet the demand for hot water throughout your home and provide an indefinite supply.
    • You have more demands than your current water heater can meet. Storage tank water heaters may not be able to meet the demands of your family. Multi-story houses pose unique challenges for water heaters. Tankless water heaters can often be installed in multiple units to meet every demand in your home while remaining energy-efficient.
    • You wait too long for hot water to reach your faucet. Larger homes can be difficult for traditional storage tank water heaters to properly serve. Multiple tankless units can spread out the demand and reduce the delay between opening the faucet and receiving hot water.
    • You are paying too much money for heating your water. An electric water heater can be one of the most expensive HVAC components in your home. Because tankless water heaters only use energy when you need hot water, they are much more efficient. Enjoy hot water when you need it and don’t waste energy heating water you aren’t using.

    Learn more about going tankless when you contact Estes Heating & Air Conditioning . We can help your Atlanta home become more efficient and comfortable. Visit us online or call (678) 733-9791 today.

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