To Repair or Replace: Which Water Heater Option is Right for You?

Choosing between a water heater repair and replacement is often a tough choice for homeowners. Use the following maintenance considerations to determine which strategy provides the greatest value.

Residential Water Heater

  • When to Repair: Water heaters are simple appliances. They depend on only a handful of mechanisms, which makes diagnosing water heater problems fairly simple. In fact, the National Association of Realtors resource reports that most common water heater repairs will only cost about $300 or less. A simple pilot light repair or thermostat replacement is much less expensive than an entirely new system. This estimation does not apply to leaks, however.
  • Time to Replace: In some scenarios, a water heater likely needs to be replaced outright. Last generation water heaters were only designed to work properly for about a decade. A quick visit from a reliable HVAC company will tell you if your current model has passed its functional expiration date. Additionally, replacing an antiquated electric model with a gas upgrade is always a smart investment. These sustainable, energy-efficient heaters will reduce costs significantly by reducing dependence on electric power. Consider this upgrade prior to home sale and include the money-saving heater costs into your sale price negotiation.
  • Insufficient Maintenance Dangers: Regardless of their maintenance strategy, homeowners should always attend to water heater issues immediately. Loss of hot water is only one of the consequences of water heater maintenance problems. Unattended leaks, for example, are likely to cause water damage to your home. Likewise, the presence of metallic buildup within heater tanks compromises efficiency and inflates utility bills. An annual examination from a local HVAC company like Estes Heating Estes Heating & Air Conditioning will ensure problems are diagnosed before they progress.

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