• What You Need to Do in Order to Prepare for the Coming Warming Weather

    As summer approaches, you want to make sure your home is ready for the season. Updated insulation, weather stripping, and well-maintained HVAC equipment can all help your home withstand warmer temperatures and keep you comfortable inside. Properly air sealing your home and ensuring that your ducts are clean and free from leaks will improve your cooling performance despite Atlanta’s heat and humidity.

    Air Conditioners

    • Have your air conditioner inspected by your HVAC professional. This usually includes a tune-up service that will ensure your unit fared well over a winter’s worth of use. Much like a tune-up for your car, an air conditioning tune-up includes lubrication of moving parts, verifying structural integrity, and checking electrical components.
    • During your A/C tune-up, you can have other aspects of your HVAC system inspected. Your ductwork can be full of dust and debris and may even have leaks. Leaky or dirty ducts raise your energy costs, lower the efficiency of your system, and also reduce your indoor air quality.
    • Have your HVAC professional give your whole home a close look. The HVAC system includes your home’s walls, windows, and doors. Insulation and proper weatherization will keep your energy usage at appropriate levels, and ensure your home stays comfortably cool.
    • You may also want to consider investing in a programmable thermostat. These can change the way you heat and cool your home for increased comfort and increased savings.

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  • Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

    Speedy and efficient HVAC repairs can help protect your home from greater long-term costs. Use the following resources to identify common heating and cooling problems for quick fixes. 

    Lit Energy efficient light bulb

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  • How to Make Sure Your Sealing Your Ducts Properly in Your Home

    Sealing your ducts is an important step in ensuring efficiency in HVAC appliances and minimized utility costs. This video from Washington State University Energy Experts provides the comprehensive steps for accomplishing this preventative maintenance.

    Viewers learn the basics of duct sealing with a hands-on instruction from this WSU video host. The video shows how to apply mastic putty to seal holes and joints in the duct system. Additionally, viewers are taught to steer clear of dangerous asbestos lurking within older homes.

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  • To Repair or Replace: Which Water Heater Option is Right for You?

    Choosing between a water heater repair and replacement is often a tough choice for homeowners. Use the following maintenance considerations to determine which strategy provides the greatest value.

    Residential Water Heater

    • When to Repair: Water heaters are simple appliances. They depend on only a handful of mechanisms, which makes diagnosing water heater problems fairly simple. In fact, the National Association of Realtors resource HouseLogic.com reports that most common water heater repairs will only cost about $300 or less. A simple pilot light repair or thermostat replacement is much less expensive than an entirely new system. This estimation does not apply to leaks, however.
    • Time to Replace: In some scenarios, a water heater likely needs to be replaced outright. Last generation water heaters were only designed to work properly for about a decade. A quick visit from a reliable HVAC company will tell you if your current model has passed its functional expiration date. Additionally, replacing an antiquated electric model with a gas upgrade is always a smart investment. These sustainable, energy-efficient heaters will reduce costs significantly by reducing dependence on electric power. Consider this upgrade prior to home sale and include the money-saving heater costs into your sale price negotiation.
    • Insufficient Maintenance Dangers: Regardless of their maintenance strategy, homeowners should always attend to water heater issues immediately. Loss of hot water is only one of the consequences of water heater maintenance problems. Unattended leaks, for example, are likely to cause water damage to your home. Likewise, the presence of metallic buildup within heater tanks compromises efficiency and inflates utility bills. An annual examination from a local HVAC company like Estes Heating Estes Heating & Air Conditioning will ensure problems are diagnosed before they progress.

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  • Steps You Can Take to Help Save On Your Energy Bill

    Saving money on your energy bill can be simple. Small adjustments to household electronics use and integration of energy-saving products produce noticeable reductions to energy use. Try the following steps to see how much your family could be saving on monthly costs.

    Saving energy

    • Limit Activity: The first step in minimizing your energy costs is to change your behavior. Keep appliances unplugged when not in use and turn off lights in empty rooms for big savings. Consider holding a family meeting to identify wasteful household behaviors . Set new rules about appliance use and see the savings start to stack.
    • Simple Replacements: Not all energy-efficient upgrades come with a hefty price tag. Small changes to everyday appliances can have a huge effect on your energy bill. Replacing incandescent light bulbs around the house with fluorescent bulbs will significantly reduce the cost of household lighting. Likewise, remembering to regularly replace air filters ensures that our HVAC systems continue to run at top efficiency.
    • Green Upgrades: A wide spectrum of modern appliances offer vastly reduced energy consumption compared to their last generation counterparts. In fact, making regular repairs on outdated technology will likely cost your household far more than replacing them. New warranties and reduced electricity costs will more than make up for these one-time investments. Furthermore, federal rebates for Energy Star renovations provide additional monetary incentives for going green.
    • Maintenance Visits: Even the most technologically advanced appliance will eventually show some signs of wear. Systems like air conditioners or heaters typically drop in energy-efficiency when maintenance is neglected. Consider scheduling annual or pre-season visit from a reliable Atlanta technician to keep appliances at top performance levels.

    Pre-season maintenance agreements and scheduled appliance checks are just a few ways Estes Heating & Air Conditioning can help your household save money. Explore more of our money-saving repairs online or by dialing (678) 733-9791.