• Learn How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

    Check out these pages to learn more about preparing your furnace for the heating season and the importance of keeping your HVAC system and indoor air quality in top condition. 

    Air Conditioner

    • See this article from MSN.com for tips on getting your home prepared for winter in order to maximize your energy efficiency and save money. 
    • Learn more about avoiding potential problems with your furnace on this page from ThisOldHouse.com .
    • Maintaining the indoor air quality in your building is of vital importance to the health of its inhabitants. Read more on EPA.gov.
    • Find out how warmer buildings can increase worker comfort and energy efficiency in this study from the University of California.

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  • Estes Gives Back to the Community

    Estes Heating and Air is committed to giving back in the community.  Employees as well as the Company give throughout the year to be able to help many causes during the holiday season.  This year, 2012, we were able to help four families with Christmas for the children in the household with toys, clothes, games and bikes.  We also provide them with food for a Christmas meal and some basic staples.  The families are also given gift cards to purchase a turkey or ham for the holiday.  It does not stop with the families either.  We also donate monetarily to the Hudson Family Foundation who reaches out in the community throughout the year to help families in need.  For the past several years Estes has bought Christmas presents for the children at the Carrie Steele-Pitts Children’s home.  What a joy it is for us to deliver these items to the families and the Children’s home.  Something new for us in 2012 was helping the Rotary Club with one of their efforts.  They have items in a “store” for foster children to come in and shop for their family and friends.  The children are given Rotary Bucks to make their purchases with.  Estes Heating and Air bought many items for the store as well as several employees donated their time to help with the shopping night. 

    Estes’ employees enjoy this tradition of giving back.  Where there is a need, these employees will definitely jump into action.   



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  • Tankless Water Heater Basics

    On-demand or tankless water heaters can use 60 percent less water heating energy and emit fewer greenhouse gases than conventional water heaters. They can be the right choice for many homes looking to save money on energy costs.


    In this video, you can compare both conventional storage water heaters and tankless heaters side-by-side. In a traditional water heater, the water is constantly maintained at a set temperature, using constant energy. These heaters have “recovery times” when their hot water supply is exhausted. A tankless heater provides instant hot water on-demand, and only when requested. As soon as the demand ceases, the heater turns off—accounting for the bulk of energy savings. Check out this video to learn more about the internal operations of tankless heaters and further advantages, including how to select and size a unit for your home’s needs.

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    It’s your last chance to enter to win an iPad 2 from Estes this holiday season.

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  • The Basics of Getting Your Furnace Ready for Heating Season

    Like any appliance or machine, your furnace requires routine maintenance, and one of the most important times of year to have it serviced is in fall, before winter really kicks in. With the right measures, you can avoid costly HVAC repair and enjoy lower utility costs.

    To get your furnace ready for the approaching season, follow these steps. Consult your air conditioning and heating service for more information.


    Repair Technician Removing Furnace Service Panel

    • Change your air filter. Throw out your old filter and install a fresh one. You should change your air filter about once per month, but you may find that your air conditioning and heating service provider has high-efficiency air filters available. These can sometimes increase the overall efficiency of your HVAC system while lasting longer before replacement.
    • Schedule a furnace inspection. This is one of the best things you can do for your furnace, and an absolute requirement to avoid unforeseen repairs or problems. A furnace inspection involves the necessary maintenance procedures like lubrication of the blower motor and other moving parts to keep your furnace running smoothly for the season.
    • Have your ducts sealed. Your furnace can’t perform at peak efficiency if your air ducts leak, so have a professional air conditioning service inspect, clean, and reseal your ductwork if necessary to prevent heat loss.
    • Winterize your home. Speak with your HVAC contractor for ideas on improving the weatherization of your home. Drafty windows and doors and weak spots in your insulation all contribute to discomfort and high utility costs due to energy loss.

    Let Estes Heating & Air Conditioning prepare you and your furnace for the upcoming winter. Visit our website or call us at (678) 733-9791 to schedule an appointment with our experienced service technicians today.


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  • Why it’s Important to Keep Your Businesses HVAC System and Air Quality in Peak Condition

    The HVAC system of a business is typically much larger and far more complex than that of a residential system, and efficiency is key to keeping costs low when heating and cooling large spaces. Keeping your system in top condition will ensure utility bills stay reasonable.

    The indoor air quality (IAQ) of any building is vital to the well-being of its inhabitants, and this is critical for any business that houses employees and guests.


    Working as a team

    Managing Costs

    The efficiency of an HVAC system is directly affected by its condition. A poorly-maintained system loses energy and wastes power, costing a business in the form of increased utilities. A professional HVAC contractor can perform the routine maintenance and weatherization measures necessary to keep your system in good condition and at max efficiency.

    Employee and Customer Comfort

    Climate plays a big part in the happiness of customers and employees alike. Even if you operate a business that does not serve customers at your location, happy and comfortable employees are more productive and perform better throughout the day.

    Workplace Health

    Indoor air quality is a big issue for good reason. As weatherization measures improved, ventilation and HVAC took a while to catch up, resulting in buildings that were sealed too well and subject to “sick building syndrome,” a buildup of pollutants that negatively affect the health of the inhabitants. An HVAC contractor can analyze your building for proper ventilation and air cleaning for a safe and conducive workplace.

    To learn more about improving the quality and performance of your HVAC system and business environment, contact Estes Heating & Air Conditioning at (678) 733-9791. We can help your building stay healthy and comfortable and keep your costs down. Visit us online for more information.


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