Where is Cooled Air Escaping Your Home?

Summer means lots of air conditioning. Keeping houses cool and families comfortable can become very expensive if your house is improperly sealed and insulated. There are many ways that cool air can be lost or wasted in a home, all of which are fairly easy to fix. Here are a few areas where you can make sure cool air does not escape your home:

  • Leaky Ducts- Before it even cools your home, up to 40% of conditioned air can escape through improperly sealed ducts. The EPA estimates that the average homeowner spends $1,000 a year on air conditioning, meaning your leaky ducts could be costing $400. Replacing your old air conditioning unit and sealing ducts could save most of that money.
  • Roof and Ceiling- Cold air does not necessarily escape through the roof, but can be counteracted by it. The sun beating down on a roof turns the attic into an oven. That oven then heats your ceiling, which heats the air in your house. This raises the temperature and forces your air conditioning unit to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. Adding insulation to your attic will reduce this effect greatly.
  • Doors and Windows- This is where most conditioned air escapes from the home. Heat from outside can turn widows and ceilings into cold air killers, but gaps under doors and improperly sealed windows will actually let out cold air. Cold air, being denser than warm air, sinks to the floors. Circulation from the air conditioner pushes the cold air out through the gaps under your front, back, or side doors.

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