How Heat Pumps Work and Why they Can be a Better Alternative to Air Conditioners and Heaters

In many climates, heat pumps are more energy efficient than conventional air conditioning systems. These high-tech heating and cooling systems transfer heat between indoors and outside, rather than creating it. This means they use much less energy, and could save you a lot of money on utility bills. Here is a brief explanation of the processes and benefits of heat pumps :

  • Heating- Heat pumps work by transporting warmer air to a location with colder air. This means the device heats a house by pulling warm air from outside, using it to warm up heating coils inside the machinery, and pumping that air into the house.
  • Cooling- The cooling properties of a heat pump work almost identically to its heating properties. The key component in this process is a reversing valve. With a reversing valve, homeowners can designate the interior as the warmer location and have heat sucked away by the machine.
  • Benefits- A heat pump does not use any energy to actively heat or cool air, so it uses far less energy than a conventional heating and cooling system. This decrease in energy use will lead to lowered energy bills, which is good for both the environment and your bank account.

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