• Energy 101: Home Energy Assessment

    A comprehensive home energy checkup can help you save energy and money. Save up to nearly a third of your energy bill by ensuring your home and residential air conditioning system is energy efficient. A professional energy technician can inspect your house from top to bottom, looking for drafts, faulty insulation, and other problems.

    This video follows a home auditor as he examines a home during a cold weather evaluation. He inspects the home, from roof to basement, and identifies areas for improvement. Poorly installed insulation, unsealed ductwork, and clogged furnace filters are just some examples of common problems. A technician’s infrared camera can spot pockets of cold air that are telltale signs of leaks and drafts.

    To get your own home energy assessment, contact us today for a Whole House Comfort Checkup. We offer a wide range of home heating and cooling services at Estes Heating & Air Conditioning . Call us at (678) 733-9791 for quality air conditioning repair and service.

  • Summer has hit! Do you need an air conditioning replacement?

    Summer is upon us and it’s more important than ever to make sure your residential air conditioning system is the best it can be. Old air conditioners not only work less efficiently, but also increase energy bills.

    Reliable residential air conditioning will save you money and protect your safety. According to the NOAA, heat is the most dangerous weather-related hazard . Getting an upgrade is the best way to ensure you have a reliable air conditioning system that won’t break down.

    Today’s air conditioners are far superior to those of ten years ago. They are more durable and more efficient. They also use modern compressors, which makes them much quieter. How do you know if your HVAC system is in need of an upgrade? You should seriously consider air conditioning service or repair if:

    1.   Your system is more than ten years old. You can save up to 40% on your energy bills by upgrading to a new, more efficient HVAC system.  
    2. The current condition or efficiency of your system is poor. Simply replacing a few old parts will not significantly improve overall efficiency. You should consider a full air conditioner replacement if your investment will be covered by the money you’ll save on your monthly bills.
    3. You live in a region where you use air conditioning frequently. Especially hot or cold climates put greater strain on your home HVAC system. If you live in a region that requires more use, then the lifespan of your system will be shorter. Inefficient air conditioners will spend more energy and in turn cost more to cool your home.

    Call Estes Heating & Air Conditioning to ensure your home is as comfortable and efficient as it can be. Get in touch with us today, and have your home system optimized for comfort and savings. Call (678) 733-9791 for more information about our air conditioning and heating services.

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  • Estes Mechanical Commercial Division at The Surgery Center in Columbus, GA

    Estes Mechanical Commercial Division

    Estes Mechanical Commercial Division removed three 7.5 ton Carrier rooftop package units & replaced them with three Aaon custom made rooftop package units for operating rooms at The Surgery Center in Columbus, Ga. The units were installed using a 70 ton crane by Heaton Erecting, general contracting by EPIC Response & electrical wiring supported by Uptime Electric. The Aaon units supply a constant 52 degree temperature with dehumidification designed at 50% relative humidity. Building controls were installed connecting the three units to a web based interface. Thanks Estes Mechanical installers Michael Vigil, Jason Hensley and Jimmy Reynolds for a perfect install . . .again! Steve Lackley, Commercial Division Manager.

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  • Dig Deeper into understanding a crucial part of your home- the Air Conditionining unit!

    Our recent blogs have contained information on basic air conditioner maintenance and how you can tell when it’s time for repair.  If you’re looking for more information on these topics, then check out these great resources.

    • If you want to save money on your heating and cooling , then visit EnergyStar.gov for tips like changing your air filter every three months.
    • As every homeowner understands, your house and appliances require upkeep in order for them to keep working. Realtor.com points out some of the upkeep that can maintain your air conditioner.                                                                                                     
    • HomeHeatingSystemHelp.com highlights some important points about air conditioner repair, including how loud noises are a sign that your AC needs repair .
    • If your HVAC is leaking, you may be interested in this eHow.com article and the three possible sources it mentions.                                                                                              
    • DIYNetwork.com has air-conditioner maintenance tips , like getting service before the season in which it will be used the most.

  • Estes Air Force, at your service!

    Estes Air Force 2

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  • The basics of air conditioner maintenance, understood

    Proper air conditioner maintenance has several benefits for the residential AC owner.  By keeping your air conditioner in good shape, you can effectively lower your energy bills, maintain your desired level of comfort, and prolong your need for air conditioner replacement.  Basically, you’ll save money and be comfortable in the process.

    Below is a basic overview of air conditioner maintenance:

    Condenser Coils- If your condenser coils are dirty, then the refrigerant pressure will rise higher, creating inefficiencies and increases in your electric bills.  In order to get the most out of your equipment and your money, you want to keep your coils clean.

    Refrigerant Charge- When you call the professionals for air conditioner repair, your technician will check your refrigerant charge and determine the electrical demand on the compressor by reading the pressure gauges.  When your charge is too low or too high, which is not uncommon, you’ll end up paying too much to run your AC.  Checking and changing your refrigerant charge is a fairly complex task and should not be untaken by anyone but a professional.                    

    Condensate Drain- If your condensate drain is clogged for a prolonged period of time, you’re going to be looking at a potential expensive repair.  As the drain clogs, the humidity level will increase, causing extensive water damage to your unit.

    Air Filter- Your AC doesn’t just cool the air, it conditions it.  As air passes through your machine, it gets cleaned by a filter, improving the overall indoor air quality.  This is why you’ll want to regularly clean your air filter and change it every 3 months.

    Blower Wheels- If your blower wheels are dirty, then your air flow will be inhibited.  Essentially, this causes your air conditioner to work harder and cost more to achieve the same results.

    If you want to get the most out of your air conditioner this year, then call Estes Heating and Air Conditioning .  We provide Georgia the very best in air conditioner repair.  To learn more, visit our website.

    Clean and dirty air filters, side-by-side

  • Save energy, Save money

    Set & Save with ENERGY STAR

    Saving energy in your home is a great way to save money and do your part to help the environment.  One of the easiest and most effective ways to save energy is by installing a programmable thermostat in your home.  To learn about the benefits of programmable thermostats, watch this video by Energy Star.

    With this simple electronic device, you can save hundreds of dollars each year.  Since you can have it timed for the moment you walk in and out of the door, you will enjoy savings while maintaining comfort in your home.

    At Estes Heating and Air Conditioning , we’re dedicated to providing quality air conditioning services and can help you maximize the efficiency of your HVAC.  To learn more about our Georgia business, visit our website today.