• Did You Know, Estes Mechanical Services all 64 @PapaJohnsATL Corporate Stores in Atlanta? We Do More Than Heating and Air

    Papa John’s in Atlanta is one of many businesses who have a service agreement with our commercial division. The next time you’re in your local  Papa John’s and feeling the cool air from their air conditioning, know that Estes did the job!

    Since 1949  Estes  has installed and serviced systems in thousands of commercial buildings throughout the entire metro Atlanta area. Our commercial services include: new installations – new projects and replacements, emergency service, replacement filter programs and preventive maintenance agreements.


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  • Your House is a System and Here’s How It Works!

    You understand that your car is made up of interacting components and systems – when one component fails, it affects the performance of the entire vehicle. Do you know that the same goes for your house?

    Luxury Home

    High energy bills, uneven temperatures from room-to-room, drafts, moisture, mold, mildew, poor indoor air quality, ice dams, pest infestations, seemingly uncontrollable humidity levels and even premature deterioration of building materials can all be the result of a breakdown in the relationship between the systems in your house – the building envelope (shell), heating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and you, the occupants.

    If one system has a problem, it impacts the other systems’ ability to function properly. Treating the obvious symptom without knowing the real culprit behind it can actually make the problem worse or create new problems. The process of elimination approach just causes frustration as you try solution after solution – investing more time, money and energy – without resolution.

    Properly diagnosing and fixing the root cause requires a house-as-a-system approach based on building science.

    That’s exactly what Estes Heating and Air Conditioning professionals are trained to do. They conduct a comprehensive whole-home assessment to find the real problems, then prescribe and prioritize improvements which make the system as a whole function at its best.

    Here’s how it works.

    Most projects start with an interview with you, the homeowner, to find out what symptoms you’ve noticed and what, if anything, you’ve tried to fix those symptoms. An evaluation of your energy bills provides clues to areas that need improvement.

    Next, your Estes certified professional will conduct a thorough walk-through – both indoors and out. The technician may use an infrared camera to get a visual on temperature differences in different areas, conduct a blower door test to depressurize the house and assess air leakage levels through the building envelope, and test for duct work leakage of forced-air HVAC systems. They may also perform other function and safety tests on HVAC equipment, including carbon monoxide levels and combustion appliance back-draft testing.

    At the end of the comprehensive whole-home assessment, Estes will provide you with a scientific, objective view of the situation. Then we will be able to help you prioritize repairs in order – from must-do to nice-to-do – so you can solve the biggest problems without making smaller problems worse.

    Once the improvement work is completed, Estes will conduct a second whole-home assessment that follows all the same steps as the first. This ensures that all the corrections work, and the desired performance levels have been achieved.

    Give us a call to get started today: 

    404-361-6560 or visit our website www.estesair.com


  • Estes Mechanical + @SerranoCondos = 240 Ton Crane To Get The Job Done!

    Estes Mechanical , the full-service commercial heating and air conditioning division of Estes Heating and Air, completed installation of a heating, cooling and indoor air quality system at Serrano Condos located in downtown Atlanta.

    Since 1949 Estes has installed and serviced systems in thousands of commercial buildings throughout the entire metro Atlanta area. Our commercial services include: new installations – new projects and replacements, emergency service, replacement filter programs and preventive maintenance agreements.

    Below are some photos of the job! Enjoy!

    Serrano Condos Installation

  • Why A Pre-Season Maintenance Check Is Necessary Before Summer Hits

    Heat and humidity are realities of a Georgia summer, and ensuring that your residential air conditioner is in tip-top shape needs to occur before the hot air moves in. Catching small problems before they have the chance to bloom into much larger ones is worth the effort. Air conditioners performing at their maximum efficiency can use up to 20% less electricity, and less energy usage means a cooler house for less in the sweltering summer months.

    Springtime is an ideal opportunity to take a close look at your air conditioner. After the long off season, a little home maintenance can prevent air conditioner repair or replacement. Homeowners can check up on some basics prior to having a HVAC technician perform a thorough maintenance inspection .

    • A visual inspection of the air conditioner outside will reveal if any debris has fouled the unit. Never use a hose to clean your residential A/C unit, as this can result in electrical shock and damage to the unit.
    • Change the filter . Restricted air flow, loss of efficiency, and an ice-encrusted evaporator are the risks of using an A/C unit with dirty or clogged filters. Some filters require monthly replacement, but high efficiency filters can often be replaced over longer periods, though regular checks are good practice.
    • Run the air conditioner for a little while before the summertime, after inspecting the outside of the unit and ensuring the filters are new or cleaned. This is a simple way to discover right off if there is a problem with the unit. While the unit is running, check the airflow around the house to locate potential problems.
    • Clean your coils or have them cleaned by a professional HVAC technician. Inspect your registers inside the house for mold and clean any dust. Mold growth may indicate that your ducts need a good cleaning.

    Pre-season routine maintenance is an absolutely necessary part of owning a central residential A/C and will prolong the life of your existing unit, point out smaller problems before air conditioner repair or replacement is needed, and keep your home’s cooling running at peak efficiency. If you have questions about your residential A/C, then contact Estes Heating & air Conditioning to schedule an appointment or visit our site for more HVAC information.


  • Bo Says: Call The Estes Air Force! | Air Conditioning Service Special Only $79.95

    The  Estes Heating and Air Conditioning  new billboard “Call The Estes Air Force” featuring Bo!

    It’s one of our brand new billboards in the Atlanta area, let us know if and where you have seen it around town?

    Call The Estes Air Force

  • Like Our Recent Blog Topics? Here Are More Great Resources for You to Check

    Are you suffering from seasonal allergy symptoms? Looking for a new Carrier HVAC for your home or business? If you’re interested in more information on the health benefits of HVAC maintenance or the variety of HVAC products, then check out some of these great resources.

    • Maintaining your HVAC is not just about keeping your unit running longer. Learn how cleaning your HVAC system can be beneficial to your health with this article from LiveStrong.com.
    • A dirty air duct circulates debris and harmful pollutants into the air. Find out how these air particles can lead to cardiovascular disease with this CNNHealth.com  article.
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  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Estes Heating and Air

    St . Patrick’s Day is celebrated by the Irish and Irish at Heart in big cities and small towns alike with parades, “wearing of the green,” music and songs, Irish food and drink, and activities for kids such as crafts, coloring and games. It’s a time for fun. Some communities even go so far as to dye rivers or streams green!


  • Where’s Bo? Have You Seen Him in Atlanta. We’re Talking About Estes New Billboard!

    As you’re driving through Atlanta and you’re sitting at a traffic light or downtown Atlanta traffic. The Estes Heating and Air Conditioning new billboard “For Air or Plumbing Call, The Estes Air Force” featuring Bo!

    It’s one of our brand new billboards in the Atlanta area, let us know if and where you have seen it around town?

    Estes Heating and Air Billboard

  • An Overview of Carrier HVAC Products

    Carrier HVAC products work to maintain a comfortable environment regardless of location or climate. Founded in 1902, Carrier is a world leader in heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning service and repair. Are you looking for an HVAC to provide comfort and maintain the air quality of your home? Before you contact your air conditioner replacement company, consider the variety of Carrier HVAC products available.

    Performance Series Central

    The 24APA7 Carrier Performance 17 HVAC is a 2-stage air conditioner, available in 2-5 ton nominal-sized units. The Carrier Performance 17 allows for easy air conditioner repair with enhanced diagnostics and utility interface connections.

    Comfort Series Central

    Complete with a 2-stage scroll compressor, internal thermal overload technology, and comfort Thermidistatt controls, the Carrier 24ACB7 Comfort 17 HVAC may be the perfect option for your family. Another comfort series central AC, the 24ACB3 Comfort 13 Carrier HVAC, is available in 1.5-5 ton single phase nominal-sized units, as well as 3-phase 2.5-5 ton and 3-5 ton 460v units.

    Infinity Series Central

    The 24ANA1 Infinity 21 Central Air Conditioner is a high efficiency two-stage air conditioner with Puron® refrigerant, WeatherArmor Ultra™ exterior protection, and a new aesthetic design. With a 70dBA silencing system, the Infinity 21 provides an extra-quiet alternative to traditional HVAC units.

    Base Series

    Looking for an HVAC with just the basics? The Carrier 24ABB3 Base 13 is a convenient, energy efficient option for tight budgets. Complete with a 74 dBA accessory sound blanket, front-seating service valves, and a standard dense wire coil guard, the Carrier Base 13 may be the solution for you.

    Whether you’re looking for an HVAC product for residential or business purposes, professionals with Estes Heating & Air Conditioning provide the air conditioner replacement and HVAC installation services for your needs. For products, services, locations, or to schedule a consultation, visit our website today!

  • Celebrate World Plumbing Day with Estes Plumbing

    Access to clean water should not be a privilege. It is important for all people to have viable drinking water and proper sanitation. There are about 3.1 million deaths per year from diseases that are preventable. Sadly, most of these deaths were in children. 

    According to the World Health Organization, about 7.5 percent of deaths in India are caused by water and sanitation issues. That is a huge number of preventable deaths in a nation of over a billion people.

    Estes Plumbing  is proud to celebrate  World Plumbing Day . Check out the World Plumbing Day website for more information about what you can do to help.

    For all your plumbing needs, call Estes Plumbing at (404) 361-6560 or see our  website . We proudly serve all of Atlanta since 1949.

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