General Information On Plumbing in Atlanta, You Didn’t Know!

There are many  plumbing Atlanta  businesses that are available to help you with any of your plumbing issues. From backed up toilets to water coming back up your kitchen sink, there are always issues that cause panic. Here are some tips that top professionals offer to help you avoid these serious problems in the future.

On a monthly basis, mix a half cup of laundry bleach into a bucket of hot water. Pour this down the bathtub drain and the drain in your kitchen sink. This will help to keep minor grease and soap clogs down to a minimum so plumbers are not needed.

Toilet paper is the number one cause of  clogs in bathrooms  that plumbers are called out for. In order to avoid this altogether, many professionals suggest simply not disposing of it in the toilet. A receptacle can be used in the bathroom to collect the trash and then bag it up in a clean manner so it is no longer causing issues with pipes or septic tanks.

If you must use the toilet to get rid of your paper products, some pros suggest buying a small drain snake. These can be found in many home improvement stores everywhere for a minimal price. They consist of a metal line with a hook or claw at one end and a handle and crank on the other end.

This tool is used by plumbers everywhere, and is placed with the claw end down the drain while cranking the other end. The claw comes into contact with clogs and can then be pulled out of the drain to remove the clog. This can be done on a weekly basis in any drain in the home to keep clogs to a minimum.

Many people see  clogs  more in the fall months than any other time, and this is due to no covers being placed on the outdoor drain areas. Many people will find at least one open pipe in their yard without a white cap on it. This allows leaves to fall into the area and therefore cause a clog that causes water to back up into their home from drains. Cleaning this out with a snake will help immensely.

There are many businesses to use for your  plumbing Atlanta.  You can save yourself time and money by contacting a professional for those issues that seem small enough to take care of on your own. More damage can be done by trying to fix it yourself than if you simply use a pro the first time.

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