• How Air Conditioning Works

    If you are like most people, you probably haven’t ever wondered how your HVAC works. You’ve wondered why it doesn’t work, and you’ve probably wondered when it will work again, but probably never how it works . For most people, it’s enough that the HVAC works when they turn it on and when it breaks, they call their air conditioner repair company , and that’s the end of their involvement with their air conditioner.

    For those of us who have wondered how an HVAC unit works, check out this short video by the team at How Stuff Works . The entire process is explained quickly and concisely. If you have any questions, give Estes Heating and Air Conditioning a call at (404) 361-6560, or visit our website at www.EstesAir.com .

  • Tips on How to Maintain an Air Conditioner

    Maintaining your residential a/c unit helps it to last longer and run more efficiently.  It’s important to have a professional perform maintenance service on your unit at least once a year.  Here’s a video showing what you can do to help keep your air conditioning unit running well between professional maintenance visits. 

    Make sure the main power is switched off before working around the unit.  You’ll probably notice that grass and other debris may accumulate on your air conditioner.  Use a power washer or standard garden hose to remove the debris, being careful not to damage any part of the unit.  Cleaning your residential a/c unit once a month will lengthen its life and increase its efficiency.


    If you live in the Atlanta area and are in search of a professional to maintain your air conditioner, Estes Heating & Air may be just who you’re looking for.  We specialize in air conditioner repair and air conditioner replacement.  For more information on all of our products and services, visit us on the Web at www.estesair.com .

  • Benefits of having air duct leaks repaired

    If your utility bills keep getting unexpectedly higher and higher, while the temperature in your home becomes more and more uncomfortable, you could have a leak in your home’s duct system.  And if this is the case, you are not alone—many homes have one or more leaks in their HVAC system .  Not only is this not efficient, but costly as well: 20-40% of cooling and heating expenses are due to air duct leaks .  When you have an air leak, the air may be going into crawlspaces or an attic instead of into the home, essentially wasting energy by heating or cooling a space that is rarely or never used.  Leaks occur due to the system not being installed properly or due to deteriorating materials.  If you need help detecting or repairing leaks in your residential a/c system , you’re best bet may be to go to a trusted professional.  Estes Heating & Air has been serving Atlanta and surrounding areas for more than 60 years.  For more information about our services, please visit www.estesair.com

    Here are some benefits of fixing any air leaks in your home’s duct system:

    1. Increased air quality: Air leaks can pull polluted air and allergens into the house, causing the air you breathe to be unsafe.  You’ll be doing your lungs a favor by fixing any leaks, making the air cleaner for you and your family.

    2. Cost savings: Watch yourself writing checks to the utility company for a less amount each month after successfully repairing any leaks.  Having a securely sealed system means it doesn’t have to work as hard to heat and cool your home, and you won’t have to work as hard either.

    3. Having a more eco-friendly home: Aside from saving money, you’ll also save energy.  Eliminating leaks means air is not being wasted in the home.  An efficient heating and cooling system results in less energy being used, and less pollutants going into the environment.

    4. Increased overall comfort: Once all leaks are fixed, you’ll have an easier time keeping the rooms in your home at a comfortable temperature.  As we mentioned earlier, the air will also be cleaner and safer for you to breathe. 

    If you are in the Atlanta area and are worried you may have an air duct leak, give us a call today at 404-361-6560.  We specialize in air conditioner repair, air conditioner service, and air conditioner replacement, fulfilling all of your HVAC needs .


  • Estes Heating And Air Conditioning Can Do More Than Keep You Warm This Winter…..

    • We can identify air flow problems and offer solutions with our whole house comfort test
    • We are experienced in dealing with all aspects of indoor air quality and moisture issues
    • Plumbing repairs , water heater replacements and maintenance agreements available

    Be Sure Your Heating System Is Safe and Efficient. Estes Heating and Air Conditioning Family Owned and Operated in Atlanta for more than 60 years.


  • Ways to save money and energy

    Being more energy efficient at home is not only good for the environment, but it’s also great on your wallet. 

    If you are ready to upgrade or replace any of your appliances, look for the ENERGY STAR label.  The label means it adheres to the U.S.  Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.

    Turn off all TVs, computers, or anything else that you aren’t using before going to sleep at night.  It will not only extend the life of your electronics, but it will also reduce the amount of your monthly energy bill.

    Maintain and service your HVAC system regularly to prevent air leaks and to ensure you are breathing clean air inside of your home.  Make sure the area in and around your residential a/c unit is free of debris.  Anything that may clog the unit could hinder its ability to cool the air.  To have your HVAC system professionally serviced, call a reliable company like Estes Heating & Air in Atlanta .  Some routine maintenance and any air conditioner repair should be done by a professional to ensure safety and maximum efficiency.

    Use energy-efficient lighting .  Extend the lifetime of your bulbs and save money on your monthly energy bill by turning off lights when leaving a room.  To reduce costs even more, use compact fluorescent light bulbs.  During the day, use natural light in your home by letting light in through windows and skylights.

    Use your thermostat and ceiling fans wisely.  Some thermostats have the option to select when the air conditioner or heater turns on and off and at what temperature to keep the home.  These are called programmable thermostats and they can greatly reduce energy consumption and expenses.

    If you’re interested in making your home more energy- and cost-efficient, give us a call today at 678-733-9791.  We serve Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta, Duluth, and Peachtree City.  To view all of our products and services, including air conditioner service, air conditioner repair, and air conditioner replacement, please visit us online at www.estesair.com .