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Duct Sealing (Part I)

Making sure your ducts are properly sealed saves you money, conserves energy, and increases comfort in the home. A typical home's heating and cooling systems make up around 40% of its energy use, and in many homes, not all systems are airtight and can be much more efficient. Most homes have systems made up of a network of tubes that circulate the air, keeping the air in the home at a comfortable temperature. Ducts are often made out of sheet metal, plastic, or fiberglass. When inspecting your ducts, check for signs of rodents that may be contributing to contaminated air in your home. When making any repairs, make sure the pipes will not freeze during cold weather by insulating them and wrapping them in heat tape. When installing insulation, the more you use the better. Be sure to secure it around the duct after you've sealed it.

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We've all heard the numbers before, but here's a nice little chart with a helpful breakdown of information. Buildings account for roughly 40% of all U.S. energy use. Or stated with more particularity, residential buildings account for 22% of all U.S. energy use and commercial buildings account for 18% of all U.S. energy use.

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Mr. Slim!

Estes handles the complete line of Mitsubishi split ductless air conditioning and heat pump systems. We are one of a few elite Mitsubishi Diamond Dealers in Georgia. The innovative "Mr. Slim" heat pump unit is the quietest and most efficient ductless unit available. The video below highlights the features of this innovative system!


Duct Sealing

Heating and cooling make up the majority of energy consumption in the United States (approximately 43%). Clearly, this can become a costly expense. HVAC systems also contribute to global warming, emitting 150 million tons of carbon dioxide in the U.S. each year.

As ducts leak, homes lose air that they have already paid to heat/cool to the outside. This is both an inefficient use of energy and a waste of money. In fact, a one square inch hole in a supply duct can sustain the same loss as a 20 square inch hole in the wall of your home. The only way to stop this loss is properly seal the ducts.

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