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Mr. Slim!

Estes handles the complete line of Mitsubishi split ductless air conditioning and heat pump systems. We are one of a few elite Mitsubishi Diamond Dealers in Georgia. The innovative "Mr. Slim" heat pump unit is the quietest and most efficient ductless unit available. The video below highlights the features of this innovative system!


Duct Sealing

Heating and cooling make up the majority of energy consumption in the United States (approximately 43%). Clearly, this can become a costly expense. HVAC systems also contribute to global warming, emitting 150 million tons of carbon dioxide in the U.S. each year.

As ducts leak, homes lose air that they have already paid to heat/cool to the outside. This is both an inefficient use of energy and a waste of money. In fact, a one square inch hole in a supply duct can sustain the same loss as a 20 square inch hole in the wall of your home. The only way to stop this loss is properly seal the ducts.

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How Duct Cleaning Affects Air Quality and Health

Every homeowner eventually faces the decision of ordering a duct cleaning. Typically, dirt that accumulates inside air ducts adheres to duct surfaces and therefore does not enter the air space. For this reason, duct cleaning has never actually been shown to prevent health problems; however, many allergic reactions are caused or aggravated by indoor air quality, and air duct cleaning can help eliminate those allergens. For example, the average six room house collects 40 pounds of dust per year, and most filters are less than 50 percent efficient in stopping dirt, dust, pollen etc. from passing through. Another factor to consider is that children are more likely to be affected by poor air quality.


Beyond the basic logic of keeping ducts clean, some more serious reasons that you might consider cleaning your ducts include:


  1. Substantial visible mold growth 
  2. Vermin-infected ducts  
  3. Ducts clogged with an excessive amount of dust or debris and particles being visibly released
  4. Water problems in the ducts, which can cause mold growth. 
  5. When moving in to a newly constructed house, it may be prudent to clean out the ducts in order to clear drywall dust, fiberglass pieces and sawdust. Issues with airflow, in which case a duct cleaning may reveal significant blockages.
  6. A large accumulation of debris in the return air registers.


Estes Heating & Air Conditioning, like many HVAC companies, offers duct cleaning services as part of your air system maintenance. We have been Atlanta's #1 HVAC services, sales, repair and installation company for over 60 years, and we are now also serving the greater Atlanta area, including Alpharetta, Duluth and Peachtree City. In addition to being experts in air conditioner repair, residential a/c, air conditioning service and air conditioner replacement, Estes heating & Air Conditioning has been voted the best AC contractor by HVACR Contractor's Weekly New Magazine. For more information, please visit the Estes Website:

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