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HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Why is HVAC maintenance important? 


This video shows you why you should keep your HVAC clean.  Preventative maintenance includes clearing debris away from the equipment, using cleaners to clean your condensing coil, and ensuring everything is running in good order. 


Keeping your HVAC system properly maintained will prevent any serious problems from arising and keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly. 


If you are looking for an air conditioner specialist in the Atlanta area, consider using Estes Heating and Air Conditioning.  We specialize in air conditioning repair, air conditioning replacement, and all other air conditioning services.

Happy New Year!

Estes Heating and Air Conditioning would like to wish you a very Happy New Year!

Steps You Can Take to Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient

With so much of our money being pumped into our energy use, it makes sense to try to keep your home appliances running as efficiently as possible.  In those humid summer months, air conditioning is a necessity that you can hardly fore go, but making your air conditioner run more efficiently can mean a substantial drop in your electric bill.

  • One thing you can do so that your air conditioner does not have to work overtime is to keep extra heat from leaking into your house.  This means keeping windows and outside doors closed.  Investing in Energy Star windows is an addition to your house that can drop your overall energy bill—both in summer and winter—by 15%.  You can also invest in exterior paint or siding that provides extra insulation.  Another thing to remember is to keep your inner doors open while the air conditioner is on, to allow the cooling air to circulate.
  • For the unit itself, keeping your air conditioner regularly maintained will ensure that it is running as efficiently as possible and delay the need for an air conditioner replacement.  You should use an expert in air conditioning services. 
  • They will check such things as your refrigerant charge—which, if ignored, can increase operating costs or shutdown your compressor.
  • Professional air conditioning services also clean your condensate drain, which protects against water damage. 
  • They will also clean the condenser coils of the unit, which stops pressure from rising within the refrigerant, a process that can increase your energy bill. 

Ensuring that your unit is properly maintained will allow it to run smoothly and efficiently.  Like a car’s engine that requires a check-up to ensure all is working well, an air conditioner should receive the same care, a necessary step that will lighten the impact on your checkbook.

 If you are looking for air conditioner specialists in the Atlanta area, consider Estes Heating and Air Conditioning.  We offer a range of air conditioning services and repair, and work not only on residential A/Cs, but commercial ones as well.  If you are interested in learning more about how Estes can help you, check us out online.

Merry Christmas from Estes Heating and Air Conditioning

Estes Heating and Air Conditioning would like to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas.

How to Program a Thermostat This Holiday, Wintery Season

Programming a thermostat can save you money so the heat or air conditioning isn't running all day while no one is home. Set times for the heater to turn on and off throughout the day with help in this free video on heating and cooling the home.

Estes Heating and Air Conditioning in Atlanta, Georgia has experience dealing with all brands and styles of heating systems, as well as air conditioning services.  You can learn more about our heating services and air conditioning services on our website. here:.

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