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Making Your Home Comfortable

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep your home as comfortable as possible, and much of this deals with your HVAC systems. Whether you need to change the way you use your HVAC units or upgrade them to newer models, watch this video on making your home comfortable.

As long as you know what you’re doing, making your home more comfortable can be easy. It’s important to consider the layout of your house and the style of heating and cooling systems you use. If the upstairs level tends to be too cool or warm compared to the ground level, consider keeping your thermostat on fan mode. This will keep air circulating throughout the house and even out the temperature.

Estes Heating & Air Conditioning can help you make your home more comfortable. Our Atlanta HVAC company offers air conditioner replacements as well as heating and air conditioning services. Call us at (404) 361-6560 for more information.

What to Expect When You Schedule HVAC Maintenance

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No matter if your HVAC maintenance is being done in the spring or fall, your technician will perform the same four steps to ensure your system is running at peak efficiency and with minimal air conditioner repairs required. These steps, including a visual inspection and thorough cleaning, are essential to saving you money in energy costs and making sure your entire system is running well for the upcoming season.

Visual Inspection
Your HVAC technician will conduct a visual inspection of the entire system, meaning he will look at the air conditioner, furnace, ducts, and registers. He will be looking for obvious signs of impending failure or the need for furnace and air conditioner repairs. Signs of damage may include rust, excessive moisture, and leaky ductwork.

Thorough Cleaning
It is very important that your air conditioner or furnace is cleaned every year. This should be an important part of your HVAC maintenance plan. The technician will remove any clogs, debris, and dust located around and within the housing of the units.

Check Electrical Components
Another key factor in how efficient your HVAC system is running are the many electrical components needed to power it. Your technician should check the thermostat, circuit boards, and all wiring connected to your air conditioner to ensure the connections are safe and running at peak efficiency.

Run a Functionality Test
To cap off your furnace and air conditioner maintenance, the technician will run a full system functionality test. This test should ensure that your air conditioner, furnace, ductwork, and all of the attached components and wiring are running well and without any issues. The technician will also ensure the system’s safety measures are working properly for the protection of you and your family.

Your Atlanta HVAC system is important to the experts at Estes Heating & Air Conditioning. We value our customers above all else, and we want you to be comfortable in your own home. Please call us at (404) 361-6560 to schedule your appointment for our furnace and air conditioning services.

How to Heat and Cool Your Home Efficiently

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You should always be looking for new ways to heat and cool your home more efficiently, because this effort will save you energy costs. Running your heating and cooling appliances more efficiently could also put off a future furnace or air conditioner replacement for many years.

Schedule Biannual Heating and Air Conditioning Service
By scheduling a professional air conditioning service in the spring and a furnace service in the fall, you can heat and cool your home with maximum efficiency. Every year that your air conditioner or furnace goes without a professional servicing and cleaning, it can lose up to 4% of its efficiency. That may not seem like much, but it will add up quickly. By losing efficiency, you are paying more in energy costs for your appliances to work harder and not heat or cool your home as well. Schedule professional and reliable heating and air service at least twice a year.

Replace Air Conditioner and Furnace Filters
Depending on how your HVAC system is set up, you may have both an air conditioner and furnace filter to change throughout the year. No matter the setup, you’ll want to change your filters every few months to ensure there is proper indoor air quality and your heating and cooling appliances are not working harder. You may need to change the filters every month during certain seasons, when your HVAC system is running more frequently.

Program Your Thermostat
Programming your thermostat a few degrees higher than normal in the summer or a few degrees lower in the winter can save you significantly in energy costs. Your air conditioner and furnace will not need to run as much or as hard to reach these more manageable temperatures. This means a more efficient system and less energy costs for you without compromising comfort.

With winter around the corner, it is time to call Estes Heating & Air Conditioning for your Atlanta HVAC service appointment. We also offer furnace and air conditioner repairs, if needed. Please call us at (404) 361-6560 to schedule your appointment right away.

Choosing a Quality Air Filter

Many homeowners may know that air filters are a part of their HVAC system, but they may not know just how important air filters are to the health and wellbeing of everyone in the house. Air filters should be changed at least four times a year, but they should be changed more frequently when the air conditioner is being used, such as during the summer. With this in mind, how can homeowners know which air filters boast the best quality?

Air filter effectiveness is measured by Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV. The higher the MERV number, then the better quality the air filter will be. The best air filters to protect indoor air quality are high-efficiency air filters, which usually have a MERV rating of 14 to 16. Another quality filter is a High Efficiency Particulate Air, or HEPA, filter. This will have a MERV rating of 17 to 20. With any selection you make, ensure that the filter is meant for the home’s system before installing.

Call Estes Heating & Air Conditioning at (404) 361-6560 for air conditioner maintenance, air conditioner repairs, and other HVAC services. We have served Atlanta’s HVAC systems for 67 years.

Getting Your Furnace Winter-Ready

Just as you should schedule air conditioning service in the spring, you should schedule furnace maintenance in the fall. This is one of the most important ways to ensure your furnace is winter-ready and running at peak efficiency.

As you can see in the video, a professional in residential A/Cs and furnaces should come out to clean and service your furnace every year in the fall. This professional can locate any possible repairs or areas of concern that should be addressed. This servicing can also create a more efficient furnace to save you money during the winter.

When you choose Estes Heating & Air Conditioning, you choose the experts in reliable heating and air service. We have over 60 years of furnace and air conditioning service in Atlanta, and we want to give that experience to you. Please call (404) 361-6560 to schedule your furnace and air conditioning services right away.

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