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Understanding R-Values

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Insulating your home can help you save money and keep your family more comfortable, but how do you know if you’re choosing the right insulation for your needs? R-values are designed to help you make the best choice when looking for the ideal insulation. Keep reading and learn how to understand R-values.

A high R-value means that your insulation will be more resistant to heat transfer. In turn, it will do a better job of containing your conditioned air and keeping exterior air from coming into your home, diluting your comfortable atmosphere. The higher your R-value, the less money you can expect to spend on your energy bills. The right R-value for your insulation typically depends on your geographic location, but you should also think about which room of your home you’re insulating when going over R-values. In addition to saving money, high R-values can help your HVAC appliances last longer.

If you have any questions about how R-values work or what they mean, you can always call Estes Services at (404) 361-6560. We take care of Atlanta HVAC, including air conditioner repair services and replacements. Stop by our offices or visit our website to see how we can help.

AC Not Working? Here Are Some Possible Reasons Why

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A faulty residential AC is a problem that you should deal with sooner rather than later. You might be dealing with issues with your refrigerant, or you might have fallen behind on maintenance. In some cases, the thermostat could be the culprit. If your AC isn’t working, continue for some possible reasons why.

Refrigerant Problems
There are only 2 possible reasons why your residential AC might be low on refrigerant: Either your HVAC pro didn’t fill it up enough in the first place, or you have a leak. Otherwise, there’s no reason for refrigerant to run low. If you didn’t have enough refrigerant in the first place, then adding more might do the trick. If you did, however, then you should address the leak before you top your residential AC off again. Your owner’s manual should let you know how much refrigerant you should have in your air conditioner.

Lack of Maintenance
Residential AC maintenance is easy, but not everyone remembers to stick to the schedule. Your conditioning coils and your air filters can both become dirty, which will hinder the efficiency and performance of your air conditioner over time. Lack of maintenance can also cause your unit to stop functioning altogether, which means you would need a new appliance to stay comfortable throughout the summer. Commit to your maintenance schedule to avoid this kind of problem.

Thermostat Communication
Your residential AC relies on input from your thermostat to determine how much cool air to pump out into your living space. If your air conditioner and your thermostat are not communicating properly, your unit won’t know how cold you want your air to be. Before you start taking your residential AC apart, make sure that your thermostat is passing the necessary information along to your unit.

If you’re in need of air conditioner repairs in Atlanta, feel free to call Estes Services at (404) 361-6560. We can help with air conditioner maintenance, repairs, and replacement. Learn more about our HVAC company by checking out our website or stopping by to see us.

The Carrier® Infinity® 19VS Air Conditioner Offers Innovation for Small Spaces

You don’t need huge HVAC appliances to heat or cool a small space, which can make the Carrier® Infinity® 19VS air conditioner perfect for your needs. Check out this video clip to see how this AC unit offers innovation for small spaces.

If you’re looking for an efficient air conditioning unit that uses top-notch technology to cool your space in an innovative way, look to the Carrier® Infinity® 19VS air conditioner. This unit is among the smallest ducted air conditioners available, and the space saving properties make it ideal for smaller homes. The AC is also quiet, efficient, and versatile.

Are you looking for an Atlanta residential AC that works for your small space? Feel free to call Estes Services at (404) 361-6560. It’s our job to perform air conditioner repairs and replacements so that you can enjoy your home. Visit our website for more on our heating and air conditioning services.

Plumbing Maintenance Tips That Every Homeowner Should Know

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Being a homeowner comes with a multitude of responsibilities, and how well you take care of them can impact the efficiency of your household. If you want your HVAC and plumbing systems to remain efficient, you’ll need to provide some maintenance. Read on for plumbing maintenance tips that every homeowner should know.

Keeping Drains Clear
In many cases, a clogged drain is not a very big deal, but that is not always the case. If you would rather not have to deal with the call to your plumber and HVAC specialist, you should do what you can to make sure your drains don’t become clogged in the first place. Keeping your drains clear will keep your plumbing system in top shape, which can, in turn, make your home more comfortable and affordable. Don’t flush more than you should, and be careful with what you put down your sink drain.

Addressing Leaks
No matter the size, a plumbing leak is an issue to deal with immediately. Wasted water will drain your bank account, reduce the efficiency of your home, and even potentially contribute to mold growth and water damage. If you notice any of your plumbing appliances leaking, make sure you call your plumber so you can deal with the situation immediately.

Undergoing Professional Inspections
Even if you look at your plumbing systems on a regular basis, there’s no beating a professional inspection. If you want to avoid problems and keep your efficiency up, talk to your HVAC and plumbing professional about a regular maintenance plan for your plumbing system. This will also allow you to notice problems as soon as they spring up, so you can fix them before they become much more severe and expensive.

You’re not always going to be able to take care of your plumbing problems on your own, which means you should have an Atlanta HVAC and plumbing specialist to work with. At Estes Services, we specialize in plumbing, air conditioner installation, and repairs. Give us a call at (404) 361-6560 or check out our website for more details.

Could Your Home Benefit from ThermaCote Radiant Barrier Installation?

If you’re like many homeowners, then you’re always on the lookout for ways to make your home more energy-efficient. If you’ve decided to cut down on your energy bills by better insulating your house, then you may benefit from learning about ThermaCote Radiant Barrier.

Ideal for a wide range of interior, exterior, commercial, and residential applications, ThermaCote is a high-performance thermal barrier product. It is a spray-applied thermal barrier coating that is Certified Green according to California’s indoor air quality standards for offices in classrooms. Also, ThermaCote is a breathable barrier that has low shrinkage due to the high volume of solids, reduces condensation, has a low dry fall rate and high solar reflectance, and reduces expansion and contraction. This eco-friendly radiant barrier can help seal the envelope of your home and improve its energy efficiency.

Estes Services offers a selection of services to help keep your home running efficiently, including ThermaCote installation in Atlanta. Please call (404) 361-6560 to find out more.

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