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Understanding the Basics of Heating and Cooling

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Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’ve recently taken more of an interest in residential HVAC, it can’t hurt to understand how heating and cooling your home works. Understanding the principles, the way your HVAC units work, and how to maintain your heater and air conditioner can all be quite helpful. Read on for a better understanding of the basics of heating and cooling.

Basic Principles
The HVAC equipment that keeps your home or building comfortable relies on a few basic principles of heating and cooling. Heat makes its way into your home through conduction and radiation. When it moves through your walls or roof, it’s doing so via conduction. Radiation occurs when sunlight beams through your windows and heats up the inside of your home. The heat that’s already inside your house continues to warm you through the process of convection, which makes it circulate through your space.

HVAC Units
Different kinds of HVAC appliances use different methods to heat and cool your home. Your furnace burns fuel to send hot air throughout your ductwork and heat up your living space. Your residential AC, on the other hand, uses a refrigerant in different states of matter to cool down warm air. Like a furnace, your air conditioner then pushes that conditioned air through the vents so you can cool down on a hot day.

Your residential AC and heater will need some help in order to continue functioning for as long as possible. Make sure you change the air filters on your air conditioner, furnace, and other HVAC units to keep their efficiency up and maintain your indoor air quality. This will help your home stay comfortable, and you can always talk to your HVAC professionals to set up a maintenance plan.

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