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Home Repairs That Should Be Left to a Licensed Electrician

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Most homeowners can handle simple HVAC repairs like changing the air filter in the air conditioner, but other repairs can be much more dangerous and involved. When it comes to your electrical wiring, indoor lighting, or electrical appliances, it’s best to call the pros. Here are a few common home repairs that should be left to a licensed electrician.

Electrical Wiring Repair
You shouldn’t waste any time in having your electrical wiring repaired. Faulty wiring can cause your HVAC units to blow out, and it can also be extremely dangerous to you and your family. Since electrical wiring is dangerous enough as it is, you shouldn’t try to take on repairs by yourself. You are only in need of repair because something is already wrong. This makes it all the more likely that something can go even more wrong when you try to fix it yourself. Call your HVAC and electrical specialist so you can deal with your electrical wiring repairs safely.

Indoor Lighting Adjustments
Any capable homeowner can change a light bulb with little to no difficulty, but other lighting projects might warrant professional help. If you are dealing with a recessed light that will no longer work, you might have a wiring problem. Rather than taking apart your indoor lighting fixtures, call your electric and HVAC company and let them put their experience and expertise to work.

Upgrades and Replacements
Sometimes you’ll call your HVAC specialist or electrician in to perform an electrical repair, only to find out that your unit needs to be replaced entirely. If it’s time to get yourself set up with a new system, you will often need the help of your professional. The experts can make sure all of your wiring is set up correctly in order to protect you and your family from future problems.

When you’re in need of a licensed electrician, don’t forget to contact Estes Services or visit our website. In addition to Atlanta HVAC services like air conditioner maintenance, we offer electrical services. Come in and meet us or call us at (404) 361-6560 to learn more.

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